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The Brewers Are Offensive….The Bad Way

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Maybe Vegas does know something after all, I mean the casinos didn’t get rich by being wrong. A few weeks ago, the odds came out that the Cardinals, not the Brewers, would win the National League Central.  Most of us scoffed at that because the Brewers had held the top spot for almost 150 straight days. Today, that reign came to an abrupt end as the Brewers fell to the lowly Cubs.  The loss marked the Crew’s 6th straight defeat and during this retched drought, the Brewers have been able to muster just over 2 runs per game on average.… Read the rest
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Will The NFL’S New Conduct Policy Stand

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We have all jumped to the conclusion that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the domestic violence issue in the wake of the backlash from the Ray Rice 2-game suspension decision. In reality, this stiffening of penalties is deeper than that. This is Goodell telling ALL, fans, congress, senators and NFL employees, “We will not tolerate ANY offield violence”. It’s spelled out specifically here: Violations of the Personal Conduct Policy regarding assault, battery, domestic violence and sexual assault that involve physical force will be subject to enhanced discipline,” Goodell wrote in an open letter. “A first offense will be subject to a suspension of 6 weeks without pay.Read the rest
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Woods Is On The Hunt Again

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Tiger Woods has parted ways with his swing coach, Sean Foley.  At this juncture in Tiger’s career, this appears to be the crossroads for the world’s former best player. Wood’s has tinkered with his swing so much as his body has broken down that there is no clear path to the resurrection of his former ways. Don’t forget, Woods did win 5 tournaments on tour last year.  The one problem is that none of them were majors.  Even Woods himself has stated over and over again that tournaments are nice but success is all based on majors. Whatever Woods decides to do or whom he decides to hire, I have to believe that Woods will forever look back at his career and wonder “What if” when it comes to his 2002 split with Butch Harmon.… Read the rest
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Fans And Cynics Alike Need Braun

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We as fans scream how a franchise should go after the “big names”, “give them what they want or you’re not really trying to win”. Sometimes, not very often though, when a team doles out the bucks, things work out and that big contract pays dividends.  In Major League Baseball, we’re finding out more often than not that the bigger the contract the bigger the flop.  Bobby Bonilla, as recent as 2012 the Mets were still paying the retired player upwards of $29 million, Alex Rodriguez, Milton Bradley, Jake Westbrook, Juan Gonzalez, Manny Ramirez and even Prince Fielder have all received big money only to be gigantic failures.… Read the rest
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