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Starting My Day

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Trading For 1 Bat Won’t Matter

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The 29th of July….I’m writing it down. For all of you that said tonight how bad the Milwaukee Brewers are and how they’re done, they’ll never with the division, how they just need one bat to trade for, put a fork in em’ they’re done, they won’t make the post-season, they Milwaukee Brewers aren’t worth watching, Ron Roenicke should be fired tonight….all of the tweets I just received….. BUT…if they make it to the post-season and win the division, I want you all to “man up” and admit you were wrong. Boy…a LOT of know it all’s and I told ya so’s out there tonight.… Read the rest
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Racing In Wisconsin, A Family Tradition

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They work regular jobs, 40, 50, 60 hours a week.  Their friends and family all come out like it’s a religious pilgrimage.  Some work, some just watch and cheer on those who participate.  They pour their hearts, blood, sweat and souls into their “hobby”. For what?  $50, $100, $1000….a free entrance into next week’s race? I was at Slinger Speedway over the weekend and it always amazes me at the pride and spirit of competition all of the race teams garner.  Joe from Joe Cool racing was so
proud of his son Ryan for winning the championship last year, “I brought a tear to the old man’s eye”, he told me.… Read the rest
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