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RSS No Comments | Posted by Bill on April 22, 2014

We May Not Like It But MLB Got It Right

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Major League Baseball has spoken and some Brewers fans aren’t happy about it.  For throwing a punch and landing it squarely in the eye of your opponent, that will be a 5-game suspension for Martin Maldonado.  For shoving away an umpire and going after the guy that mouthed some “F-Bombs” to you, a 3-game suspension for Carlos Gomez. 

Players coming off of the bench, a respective 2 and 1 game suspension for the Pirates Snider and Martin.

What galls Milwaukee supporters is that the guy who mouthed off and started it all, not only did he cower on the mound while his teammates did the physical dirty work, he doesn’t even receive a suspension.… Read the rest

RSS No Comments | Posted by Bill on April 21, 2014

Do This Year’s Brewers Compare to 82′

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Recently a Brewers fan stated that teams with characters, and a close club house, win games in the “Big Leagues”.  He was referring to Harvey’s Wallbangers of course.  

There was Robin Yount “The Kid”, “The Ignitor” Paul Molitor, “Gumby” Jimmy Gantner, “Stormin” Gorman Thomas, Rollie Fingers and his handlebar moustache, “Benji” Ben Ogilve, “Augie” Jerry Augustine…..there was Vuckvoich and Caldwell, Moose Haas and Don Sutton…..ya know, characters.

Can’t you say the same about this year’s version of the Milwaukee Brewers?

There’s Braun returning from a PED suspension and “Go Go” Carlos Gomez along with Luuuuuuuucroy behind the plate, Yo, Garza and Lohse on the hill with a guy named Scooter at second along with K-Rod closing things out…hell, there’s even a Wang in the pen. … Read the rest

RSS Comments (3) | Posted by Bill on April 20, 2014

Gomez Lost His Mind And Cole’s A Coward

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We love Carlos Gomez’s zest for the game.  We enjoy his intensity and his amazing “all out style”.  That same zest and style can also be maddening to watch.  No matter what player it is, whenever you throw punches in a Major League Baseball game, unless it’s in retaliation to someone throwing a punch at you, it’s wrong.  You simply can’t do it.  In a close game, the Brewers center fielder cost his team a bench player in addition to the loss of Gomez’s own abilities that were no longer present on the field.

While I think that a skirmish over a bat flip and that brief second when Gomez admired his long shot were completely overblown, it’s still no reason for Carlos to break away from the home plate umpire in the attempt to start raining blows upon your opponent.… Read the rest

RSS No Comments | Posted by Bill on April 16, 2014

Kohl’s Legacy; Commitment

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He’s been accused of being cheap, meddling, scarce and downright incompetent at times.  Senator Kohl has had his detractors over the years.  Some criticism is just but the majority of accusations are merely anger and frustration disguised as some type of knowledgeable breakdown when it comes to the Bucks organization.

What the Senator has done for Bucks fans is keep the franchise viable in the city that he loves so much.  He has spent large market dollars on a worthwhile head coach in George Karl and listened to the basketball operations when they wanted the likes of Anthony Mason and traded away a fan favorite in Ray Allen for “The Glove” Gary Payton.… Read the rest

RSS No Comments | Posted by Bill on April 15, 2014

When It Comes To The NFL…Just Say No To The Don

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He was money and flash and prominence, he was also the worst thing the league needed.  I’m speaking of Donald Trump and his ownership of the now defunct New Jersey General of the USFL.

This was a league that consisted of NFL style of football, Ringling Brothers Circus and some WWE.  In the mid 80’s, it was a league that had a legitimate shot at co-existing with the nation’s biggest sport, the National Football League.

Donald TrumpWhile the rest of the league wanted to grow slow and steady, Trump wanted to move the season from the spring and summer to the fall and compete directly with the “Bog Boys” of the NFL. … Read the rest