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The NFL Needs To.....

This off-season the NFL has some things to get right…..but will they. First of all, they need to institute a targeting rule. I know, I’m not totally in favor of it but it’s better than headhunters still on the field while those they target are being carted off. Secondly, fix the catch rule. This is... Read More

MLB Pace Of Play, It's Simple

Major league baseball is yet again going to try and speed up the pace of play. Oh, I have all the confidence in the world in MLB, don’t you? After all, they’re the ones who came up with that brilliant no-pitch intentional walk last year. Yeah, that was about as successful as trying to put out a 5-... Read More

Well Was It Racial Or Not

The disheartening sexual abuse scandal that rocked USA gymnastics has barely entered the healing process and now we have the possibility of a racial dilemma in regard to the winter version of Team USA as well. In a bizarre tweet, 2-time gold medal winner Shani Davis tweeted, “I am an American and... Read More

Gotta Buyem This Year

At the end of the season, when it really counted the most, Cubs fans filled Miller Park in record numbers. Fans of the Brewers criticized others, and the team, for allowing so many of “those fans” into what they so fondly call now, “Wrigley North”. Here’s a little lesson; when single game tickets... Read More

Brady; No Better Than Cam

Tom Brady hates losing, heck who doesn’t. He’s described as competitive, hardworking, a great teammate, a demanding leader, all great attributes. Unfortunately, sportsmanship doesn’t seem to be an adjective that goes along with the descriptive terms behind Tom Brady’s name. The Patriots QB threw... Read More

Finley Won't Kiss Their Ass

Remember when you watched the Wizard of Oz? The munchkins in the land of OZ all lived under the rule of the powerful and all-knowing Oz. Then, after Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow returned with the broomstick from the Wicked Witch of the West, the Wizard wasn’t going to... Read More

THe XFL, It's Baaaaaackkkkk

Here we go again. It’s back, the XFL. By 2020, the WWE Founder and Chairman, Vince McMahon, promises that the alternative to the NFL will rise from the dead. He promises no frills and no politics and no players with criminal records which sounds more like the anti-NFL. It’s no secret that the NFL... Read More

Sausages Yes, Klement's No

The rubber-stamp is no more. The Milwaukee Brewers, with something obviously up their sleeve, have completely broken off talks with the Klement’s sausage company thus ending their 25-year standing title “The Klement’s Racing Sausages”. Nothing brings baseball fans to their feet like a long moon-... Read More


Bucks management has decided enough is enough. This team isn’t improving, isn’t playing hard all the time, isn’t winning consistently so the axe fell on the job of Jason Kidd. While Giannis wanted to show him support and even offered to help keep his job, the bottom line is if the Bucks were... Read More

Packers Win Again

OK…..people all the time accuse me of not being able to do what I'm about to do, so I’m here to prove every one of them erroneous. I was wrong. So wrong. Yes, a week ago I predicted that the Patriots and the Vikings would meet in Minnesota for Super Bowl XLII. While the Patriots needed a come from... Read More