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Cowboys RB Elliott Criticized By His Coach For Not Hustling

Cowboys Elliott At It Again

He waits for the final word on his NFL suspension for, well to describe it mildly, personal misconduct off the field. Now we’re talking about his conduct on the field. Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott is being widely criticized by fans, media and even his own head coach for not hustling on a couple of... Read More

Protest, It's Your Right But Do You Really Know Why?

I don't mind if you want to protest....protest if it makes you feel better and if you feel you're making the correct impact. My question then becomes, when do you end your protest? What has to happen for you to stand again and salute a country that allows you those freedoms? Please, be specific, I... Read More

Adams Early Star Dimmed By Foot Injury

The Packers 3rd round draft choice, Montravius Adams, was showing promise. He was big, strong and used terrific leverage to move mountains up front via offensive lineman. Some of the praise heaped upon him by his teammates was comparable with the likes of Warren Sapp. Strong praise for a young man... Read More

Cheeseheads Need To Equal TDs

He has milked cows, traveled the state to become acquainted with fans, he’s slept in front of his locker the night before training camp and now he’s donning a cheesehead. Packers TE, Martellus Bennett, has certainly said and done all the right things to garner the respect and excited anticipation... Read More


Last night’s Brewers / Nationals game was heartbreaking. It was a game which you could second guess just about everything Craig Counsel did and you’d be right. What makes me madder, and I know I shouldn’t be, it’s the fact that the day after you lose a tough one, Ryan Braun has his scheduled day... Read More
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Win Tickets and Meet and Greet Kyle Busch!

Tobacco Outlet Plus Grocery presents ARCA Midwest Dixieland 250 Tuesday, August 1st | 7pm Wisconsin International Raceway | Kaukauna, WI Click HERE to enter now! * Each VIP Pass includes: a ticket to the race, VIP Meet & Greet, picture plus (2) autographed items with Kyle Busch and reserved... Read More

The Olympics Could Shortchange MLB Fans

When it comes to playing baseball for your country or your team, the choice may not be the easiest but there’s a simple logic to it. You see the 2020 Olympics are right around the corner and Major League Baseball, in conjunction with the Players Association, has stated over and over again that they... Read More
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And The Horst Era Begins

"I’m not excited", "it’s a safe pick", "there isn’t a wow factor here", "where’s John Hammond when we need him" and finally "LOVE IT"….these are all the things that were said via twitter immediately after the Bucks took D.J. Wilson (PF from Michigan) with the 17th overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft... Read More