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Bill Michaels
July 27, 2017 - 11:07 am

Last night’s Brewers / Nationals game was heartbreaking.  It was a game which you could second guess just about everything Craig Counsel did and you’d be right.  What makes me madder, and I know I shouldn’t be, it’s the fact that the day after you lose a tough one, Ryan Braun has his scheduled day off. Wouldn’t you love to see, or hear, Braun say to Counsel, “No, I’m not taking a day off, we need to win this one damnit and we’re in a pennant race”.

I just want leadership. I don’t want “Blah blah blah” words, damnit do it.  You have an off day coming up on Monday. I can’t imagine the guys I watched growing up ever taking a day off in a playoff chase.  No, Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Tony Perez…..those guys wouldn’t take a day off.  Bench, with his bad back and knees, hardly ever took a day off.  Former Reds manager, Sparky Anderson, once told me, “I’d almost have to tackle Sugar Bear (his nick name for Bench) to keep him on the bench”.

I want THAT out of the highest paid player and veteran leader for the Milwaukee Brewers. Braun is a tremendous player who has been labeled as “fragile” and I understand the need to give him his rest but, damnit, I’m emotional and passionate today.