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The Olympics Could Shortchange MLB Fans

Bill Michaels
July 10, 2017 - 9:27 pm

When it comes to playing baseball for your country or your team, the choice may not be the easiest but there’s a simple logic to it.  You see the 2020 Olympics are right around the corner and Major League Baseball, in conjunction with the Players Association, has stated over and over again that they can’t see the league’s best talents, leaving for 2 weeks to head to Tokyo.

Some players would relish the opportunity to win gold but there is only one thing to consider here; the money. The money you demand in your contract.  The money your team is paying you.  The money the sponsors are dolling out for your best effort and, most importantly, the money fans are paying to see you play if you’re healthy and capable.

Yes, it’s something that might be once in a lifetime, but so it playing a kids game for very grown up money.