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The Ice Bowl; What If

I will admit something to you that seemingly no one else will ever admit; I was not at the Ice Bowl. With wind chills at -48 below 0, I don’t think that I’d want to be either. That being said, a least according to those who I have spoken to, the other 840,000 plus people that WERE there, witnessed... Read More

The Packers, As A Whole, Have Been Exposed

For the second time this season the Packers were shut out at home. In the game on Saturday night, the offense was woeful in many facets. QB Brett Hundley made some bad decisions, the run game was abandoned, for whatever reason, on a night that you thought it would have been prevalent and then 7... Read More

Too Little Too Rusty

The script was written. The savior was on the field, down one score, driving as time ticked away. The triumphant return after surgery was in sight. Then…. Geronimo Allison, on an out and in move, caught a bullet from Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, took a couple of steps and then coughed up the football... Read More

He's Back But He Can't Play Defense

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers says that he’s not coming back to save the season. He’s says that he’s coming back to play quarterback the best way he knows how. I respect that. He doesn’t want to seem as if he’s more important that anyone else in that locker room, even though we all know he is... Read More

NFL With A Savage Fail

When Texans Quarterback Tom Savage was on the ground, seemingly reaching for the official in an almost seizure-like state, someone, anyone should have realized that he was indeed an injured player who had no business coming back on to the field of play. The popular, uninformed fingers want to point... Read More

He's Exploiting His Kids For Self-Gain

Lavar Ball, originally, was being touted as an involved father who was doing what’s best for his kids. You simply can’t say that anymore. He’s using his kids as tools. Not to live vicariously through them but as a means to an end for him and the self-proclaimed brand he “invented”. Ball has now... Read More

Badgers Should Be Proud

Make no mistake about it, the Wisconsin Badgers have had a hell of a season. Going 12-0 in the Big Ten is something rarely done. To say that by not winning the Big Ten Championship the season is a failure, I will vehemently disagree. This 2017 group of Badgers should be extremely proud and now move... Read More

Lynch's Own Stupidity

Travel warnings, kidnappings, horrific murders in the streets to send messages to local authorities, cocaine, money laundering that has deteriorated the country’s political infrastructure not to mention rampant poverty…..all of this exists. Mexico is home to the hemisphere's largest, most... Read More

It Was McCarthy Who Set The Bar

Let me start out by saying that I’m not in favor of Mike McCarthy losing his job. I do believe that he’s a good football coach and has forgotten more about the game than I could ever hope to learn. But…. I do understand the angst and ire of the Green Bay faithful at this point. On more than one... Read More

Wake Up Wisconsin

While I understand that the Wisconsin Football program isn't Ohio State or Alabama.....BUT 9th? SERIOUSLY? THAT'S where they rank, undefeated even, in the first release of the College Football Playoff rankings! Really?? I've been telling you that style points matter and if Wisconsin EVER want's to... Read More