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The Olympics Could Shortchange MLB Fans

When it comes to playing baseball for your country or your team, the choice may not be the easiest but there’s a simple logic to it. You see the 2020 Olympics are right around the corner and Major League Baseball, in conjunction with the Players Association, has stated over and over again that they... Read More
Bill Michaels

And The Horst Era Begins

"I’m not excited", "it’s a safe pick", "there isn’t a wow factor here", "where’s John Hammond when we need him" and finally "LOVE IT"….these are all the things that were said via twitter immediately after the Bucks took D.J. Wilson (PF from Michigan) with the 17th overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft... Read More
Bill Michaels

Language Can't Be A Barrier

Should players who come from other countries, to the United States. to play professional sports, be forced to learn the language? That’s a recent discussion when it comes to baseball and some foreign players. Phillies CF Odubel Herrera and Yankees SP Masahiro Tanaka both have very little... Read More
Bill Michaels

D U tIger

Tiger Woods was found asleep at the wheel. That seems to be a bit an appropriate metaphor for his career in the current day wouldn’t ya say? While Golf’s former world #1 wasn’t drunk, as a matter of fact he blew a 0.00, he was indeed impaired and he had to have known it…or at least had some idea... Read More
Bill Michaels

Harper's Cockiness Makes Him A Target

The Harper / Strickland brawl that sparked the benches clearing between the Washington Nationals and the San Francisco Giants was one of the better fights that baseball has seen in a while. However, there are a few points to note regarding this melee. 1. When the Nationals Bryce Harper charged the... Read More
Bill Michaels

Warriors Clinch History

When Steph Curry brought the ball up the court, had a crossover dribble to the left, then spun to the right around the Spurs Jonathan Simmons and capped off the highlight move by miraculously hitting a layup, high off the glass, as he fell to the floor….well, it was over and the Spurs looked as if... Read More
Bill Michaels

The Big Beard Of Power Is Clean

The Brewers Eric Thames has come back to Major League Baseball in a big way. He has slugged 11 home runs and we’re still in April my friends. Now, he’s owned Cincinnati Reds pitching with 8 of those dingers but that’s beside the point. After slugging in obscurity in the Korean Baseball League, and... Read More
Bill Michaels

With The 29th Pick In The 2017 Draft

Ted Thompson’s recent drafts haven’t really produced that special player, at least not yet. Now, those last 2 draft classes really can’t be judged for another year or two but one thing we can say is that Aaron Rodgers', Nick Collins', Clay Matthews' type talent hasn’t surfaced. The Packers are in... Read More
Bill Michaels

Mommy Serena Will Be Back

The big story of the day, Aaron Hernandez killed himself. Move on, nothing more to see here. So let’s talk about the positive, the success and the good in life…..or life in general. At the age of 35, the 23 time major champion, Serena Williams has announced that she’s pregnant. In addition to the... Read More