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No Comments | Posted by Bill on November 14, 2016

The Packers Have Way Too Many Questions

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Is it Ted Thompson who has simply not put enough talent on the field?
Is it Mike McCarthy’s message has worn thin?
Is there turmoil between Aaron Rodgers and the head coach?
Has the locker room become torn?
Are the veteran’s not doing enough to bring along the young talent on this Packers roster? All of those questions are now being floated out there by the media, local and national, as to why Green Bay is in a seeming free-fall. The Packers…….stink!  That’s right STINK right now. The only good news is that the Vikings stink as well and you’re really not sure what to believe in the Detroit Lions (who sit tied atop the NFC North after this past weekend’s bye).… Read the rest
No Comments | Posted by Matt on November 9, 2016

Milwaukee Market…Listen up!

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The Bill Michaels Show will not be airing today in the Milwaukee Market… You can listen to the show on any of these affiliate streams….and yes, they’re free! – Radio Joe Green Bay: Eau Claire: Madison (11am-2pm): Marshfield (11am-2pm):  … Read the rest
No Comments | Posted by Bill on October 31, 2016

Hey Cubs Fans; Get Real

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I don’t know if it was nervous acceptance or arrogance or stupidity but listening to Cubs fans over the weekend made me shake my head.
“Well, just getting here (to the World Series) was what we’ve all been waiting for, we’ve got a window of 5 to 7 years that we’ll be there again and again”, one Cubs caller spouted. This was the theme of calls that streamed in, over and over, to this particular radio station. In what universe are you living?  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get to 1 World Series much less 2,3,4 or more in a given window? … Read the rest
No Comments | Posted by Bill on October 27, 2016

Has The Racist Media Been Exposed

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The Chicago Cubs are a terrific story, heck they’re a story for the ages.  We have become captured by the possibility of the “Lovable Losers” being World Series Champions.  However, along the way we have been exposed to, in my opinion, a racist media.  Now before you get crazy on me, let me explain. Anthony Rizzo, after the Cubs were shut out 6-0 by the Dodgers in game 3 of the NLCS, refused to speak to the media after the game.  Told reporters to leave him alone. Kyle Schwarber, in game 2 of the World Series, smacks and RBI single up the middle. … Read the rest