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Things in your life come up.  Personally, my adversity has arrived, the details for this thought aren’t germane, I’m sorry.
My point being, within the walls of your world, these moments can seem devastating.  Circumstances can swirl like a tornadic wind within your soul and the angst of your own drama can feel as if there is indeed a thousand-pound weight resting squarely on your back. Personally, I go back to my memories from last week.  Sitting behind a 6-foot banquet table with 95 other 6-foot banquet tables nearby.  Behind each table, another radio host trying to garner something that is going to make that guest and that interview scintillating.… Read the rest
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Packers Players Safety Concerns

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The NFL continues to promote player safety and talk about that being of the utmost importance.  In Green Bay that might take a back seat to investments. Former Giants lineman David Diehl, who is a paid representative for XTech Protective Equipment, insinuated that for a team that sustained so many shoulder injuries, not to at the very least allow XTech to be presented to its players, is risking Packers player’s health. Super Bowl winning coach Brian Billick said, “I allowed my guys to choose, within reason, what would work best for them in their training and equipment”. Now I’m not suggesting that the Packers are doing anything wrong but it does raise an eyebrow. … Read the rest
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Packers Perspective In Houston

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When it comes to the Green Bay Packers, many here in Houston feel that the Packers simply ran out of gas.  Peter King, of MMQB, said, “They went as far as Aaron Rodgers could have taken them”. But, when it came to the topic of Green Bay’s GM, there are mixed feelings. Former Player Personnel Director for the Dallas Cowboys said that he thinks that Thompson has done a great job in today’s day and age managing the post season aspirations with today’s salary cap stability. Then there’s the players perspective;  Greg Koch, Randy Grimes, Texans LB Benardrick McKinney all feel that you want the front office going the extra mile to show you that they too are “all in”.… Read the rest
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Super Bowl Week, Day 1

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The build-up to Super Bowl LI is that there isn’t any build-up, at least not yet.
No controversies, no war of words, no real jabbing back and forth and no one has done anything stupid. All we have thus far are two quality teams, two quarterbacks (1 who’s legitimately great and another who has had a great season), 1 good defense and 1 who has done enough and a veteran cantankerous coach vs another who’s been there, done that as an assistant. So what are the media talking about here in Houston? The fact that this is one best food venues in the last 5 years and that the 49ers owner, Jed York, is a complete goof for hiring John Lynch, a Hall Of Fame candidate with no front office experience, as the teams next GM.… Read the rest
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Why Did The Bucks Win Over The Rockets Make Me Mad

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The Bucks knocked off the Houston Rockets last night (Monday, January 23rd) and it just #$%^ed me off.  Why? Read the rest
Comments (3) | Posted by Bill on January 23, 2017

Packers Off Season Evaluations

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To think that the brain trust at 1265 Lombardi Ave. won’t evaluate every aspect of their team, their methodology, the philosophy…’re mistaken.  In fact, they might almost over-analyze it. In that spirit, here are some of my observations: 1.  Ted’s philosophy of “draft and develop” is sound IF you hit on no less than 5 picks per draft.  Have 1 or 2 guys “contribute” and the rest be subpar backups or special teamers won’t cut it.  In addition, if you’re not pulling at least 1 pro bowler, or close to it, per draft, you will slowly, steadily erode away the talent base.… Read the rest
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For The Packers To Win….

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The Packers quarterback likes to play in domes, we all know that, but the Georgia Dome has been especially comfortable to him: Aaron Rodgers’ passer rating in his 4 career games at the Georgia Dome:
Spectacular… better believe it. Rodgers will have to put up Supermanesque numbers for the Packers to walk away with the NFC Championship this coming Sunday. What kind of numbers you may ask?
29 of 42, 335 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, 69.0 Comp % and a QB Rating of 116.7 The Packers defense, on the other hand, won’t be able to stop the Falcons MVP, Matt Ryan, but they must slow him down and garner at least 1 turnover and 5 additional stops within the 4 quarter confines of the game.… Read the rest
Comments (3) | Posted by Bill on January 15, 2017

Will The Packers Win In The ATL

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You have the deed to your house, in your hand.   You have to bet it on one team; the Green Bay Packers or the Atlanta Falcons.  Who are you betting on? The red hot Aaron Rodgers?  The likely league MVP? Here’s my logic and you tell me what you would do. Rodgers is on fire.  Ryan is playing even better.
Rodgers has been there, done that.  Ryan has faltered in the post-season numerous times before.
If you would consider these 2 players as the best QB’s in the NFC right now, then in essence they would cancel each other out correct?… Read the rest