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No Comments | Posted by Bill on April 16, 2014

Kohl’s Legacy; Commitment

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He’s been accused of being cheap, meddling, scarce and downright incompetent at times.  Senator Kohl has had his detractors over the years.  Some criticism is just but the majority of accusations are merely anger and frustration disguised as some type of knowledgeable breakdown when it comes to the Bucks organization.

What the Senator has done for Bucks fans is keep the franchise viable in the city that he loves so much.  He has spent large market dollars on a worthwhile head coach in George Karl and listened to the basketball operations when they wanted the likes of Anthony Mason and traded away a fan favorite in Ray Allen for “The Glove” Gary Payton.… Read the rest

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When It Comes To The NFL…Just Say No To The Don

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He was money and flash and prominence, he was also the worst thing the league needed.  I’m speaking of Donald Trump and his ownership of the now defunct New Jersey General of the USFL.

This was a league that consisted of NFL style of football, Ringling Brothers Circus and some WWE.  In the mid 80’s, it was a league that had a legitimate shot at co-existing with the nation’s biggest sport, the National Football League.

Donald TrumpWhile the rest of the league wanted to grow slow and steady, Trump wanted to move the season from the spring and summer to the fall and compete directly with the “Bog Boys” of the NFL. … Read the rest

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We Tell Ourself, It’s Just One Loss

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They step out of the dugout and have a swagger about them.  They stand tall and rarely smile.  It’s all business.  You look at them with great awe, at the way they work, the way they walk, the way they hustle, the way they stretch, they warm up for they are the St. Louis Cardinals.

Am I being a bit over the top here?  A little but there’s something about the team from St. Louis that has to command your respect. 

Since the 2011 NLCS the Brewers have lost 24 of 35 games against the Cardinals and have been outscored 190-119. … Read the rest

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This Is A True Story, Not Just A Sales Pitch

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It started out as a sales call and ended up and a “WOW, my life is better” moment.

7 months ago I met with the guys over at NuMale Medical Center about some advertising.  They explained to me their process and treatments for ED (Erectile Dysfunction).  When Dr. Chris Asandra asked me if I wanted a treatment to see for myself how the product worked, I told him thanks but I’m good in that area. 

As I found more about their center, we started to discuss Low T (Low Testosterone).  When he asked me some questions, as a man over 30, I began to realize that I had every symptom that he described. … Read the rest

No Comments | Posted by Bill on April 13, 2014

We The Media Owe Kaepernick An Apology

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This past week we witness the worst about “be first” reporting.  TMZ Sports came out with the Colin Kaepernick story basically accusing the 49ers quarterback of sexual assault.  In reality, it was a nothing story.  At worst, Kaepernick was in a room where pot was being smoked from a bong.  As to who was actually smoking the pot, we’re not even sure of that to this point.

The Miami police who were investigating an incident of some sort, at the request of the woman who was in the apartment, confirmed that there are no allegations of wrongdoing.

Those who don’t care for Kaepernick, for whatever reason, came out of the woodwork to stereotype him and cast harsh verbal stones. … Read the rest

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Bikers, Military, Friends & Family – HELP US!

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 DSC02453We’ve updated the info for the Steinhafel’s Big Unit’s Poker Run Presented by Road America Benefiting the Fisher House of Wisconsin.

When my son was young, I had to take him to live at a Ronald McDonald House in St. Louis.  The fact that we were able to stay there, for an extended period of time cost free, meant the world.  AND…having family around him made the experience a lot more tolerable for the entire family. 

Having loved ones around while you’re going through something traumatic has been proven to aid healing and rehabilitation.

I think that everyone knows someone who has either served in the military and/or been injured in service to our country.  … Read the rest

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Sign Flynn, You Don’t Want Another Bad Break

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MattFlynnWarmupsA couple of years ago Matt Flynn flew to the Emerald City of Seattle for a 3 year – $26 million dollar contract.  Enter Russell Wilson and the journey began elsewhere.

The Raiders….. NOPE

The Bills…..NOPE

So back to the Packers and an Aaron Rodgers broken collarbone and Flynn finds himself starting.  All he needed was to get a couple of wins.  He sustained and the Packers ended up in the post-season.

At this point Flynn remains unsigned and all is seemingly quiet on the free agent front.  If I’m Flynn, I wouldn’t sign right away either.  I’d wait and see what happens in the draft, wait for OTA’s and mini-camps to get going and see if a QB goes down with an injury and capitalize if I could. … Read the rest

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Hank Aaron; Thanks For Sharing

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Hank-Aaron40 years ago yesterday, one of the most gracious men I ever met, broke Babe Ruth’s home run record of 714.  Henry “Hank” Aaron belted his 715th homer.  A record that no one thought would ever be eclipsed.

I had a chance to talk with Aaron 12 years ago at the Vince Lombardi Award of Excellence Dinner Ball in Milwaukee and he described to me the chase for 715 and his angst as the homerun numbers crept towards that crescendo.

Aaron described to me the pride and sincere joy he felt just to be playing the game that he loved so dearly and the unbridled hate that he received from some who believed that a black man had no business being on the field….not because of his ability but because of the color of his skin.… Read the rest