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No Comments | Posted by Bill on August 21, 2014

Fans And Cynics Alike Need Braun

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We as fans scream how a franchise should go after the “big names”, “give them what they want or you’re not really trying to win”. Sometimes, not very often though, when a team doles out the bucks, things work out and that big contract pays dividends.  In Major League Baseball, we’re finding out more often than not that the bigger the contract the bigger the flop.  Bobby Bonilla, as recent as 2012 the Mets were still paying the retired player upwards of $29 million, Alex Rodriguez, Milton Bradley, Jake Westbrook, Juan Gonzalez, Manny Ramirez and even Prince Fielder have all received big money only to be gigantic failures.… Read the rest
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How Can Manfred Give Us What We Want

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Rob Manfred has been elected the 10th commissioner of baseball.  While there is labor piece, drug testing, revenue sharing, wild cards and interleague play; the one thing baseball hasn’t figured out is how to make the game more appealing to the younger viewer. Mr. Manfred, have at it. Attendance has started to lag and television ratings are down. The average age of last year’s World Series viewer was 51.  Why? Maybe because like former NBA Commissioner, David Stern, Bud Seilg directed MLB’s energy on forcing New York and Boston down everyone’s throat.  Baseball focused on Jeter and Big Papi and forgot about the Molina’s, the Lucroy’s and McCutchen’s of the world. … Read the rest
No Comments | Posted by Bill on August 13, 2014

Break It Up….Maybe Not

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You’re hot, sweaty and you’ve been playing physically against one another day after day with only 1 break thus far.  It’s a fact this time of year, guys will get into physical altercations during NFL training camps.  The Packers are no different.  The one difference at Packers camp on Wednesday was the fact that coaches got involved.  More WWE style (a lot of talk and not much being done) but you don’t see coaches get after it very often. Is this a dividing thing for a team, no, just the opposite.  It can bring teammates closer together plus you realize that the coach that you’re in the trenches with every day has your back and that makes for a better relationship.… Read the rest
No Comments | Posted by Bill on August 12, 2014

Does Braun Need To Rest

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Last week I suggested that the Brewers right fielder Ryan Braun sit for a little while, 2 – 4 games, and rest that ailing thumb.  Doug Melvin told me that Parra could give any outfielder some needed time off. When I made that suggestion, you would have thought that I wanted to sit Mickey Mantle.  Braun admittedly is battling a thumb injury and Parra is a 2-time gold glove outfielder so you really wouldn’t lose anything defensively.  What’s the big deal? Apparently there is a large contingent who thought that Braun had to remain in the line-up to battle through is offensive issues. … Read the rest
Comments (1) | Posted by Bill on August 12, 2014

Keselowski, Are You For Real?

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After Kenny Ward Jr. was killed this past weekend after he exited his race car to chase after Tony Stewart, tracks across the country are now considering rules changes to keep drivers in their cars under yellow.  The only way a driver would be allowed to exit his or her vehicle would be if their life is in danger. Sprint Cup driver, Brad Keselowski either didn’t think before he spoke or just doesn’t get it. CLICK HERE to see what Bill Michaels has to say regarding Keselowski’s comments.… Read the rest
No Comments | Posted by Bill on August 11, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

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Yesterday, when I was in the dugout, our guy Brewers Jonathan Lucroy took the ice bucket challenge for ALS.  He then dared the Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to do the same….and he DID! Read the rest
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Did Stewarts Temper Cause A Racers Death

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The tragic has happened, a racer dies on the track.  This particular incident has made national headlines because it involves the hot-headed NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart. For years we have all known that Stewart’s temper, at times, gets the best of him. Some fans love it and others make him out as a spoiled villain, either way, it’s great for the sport right? What happened on Saturday night at a small racetrack in upstate New York now has the eyes of all being cast down upon it. During the featured sprint car race, Kenny Ward Jr. was bumped by Stewart and thus crashed into the wall ending his night. … Read the rest
Comments (1) | Posted by Bill on August 7, 2014

Fans; We Are A Fickle Bunch

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You can take PED’s and cheat the game, you can get arrested for DUI’s, vehicular manslaughter, you can be a drug addict, fight dogs and yes even punch your fiancé in the face and knock her out on camera and you will still be cheered. That’s right, Ray Rice took the field in front of the home town Ravens’ fans and he was loudly applauded. Remember though, these are the same fans who applauded Ray Lewis after he pleaded a possible murder charge down to a mere misdemeanor in order to save his own butt and testify against his friends. Now wait a minute, you can’t judge the Ravens fans fully when Brewers fans gave a standing O to Ryan Braun on opening day. … Read the rest