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Rodgers Last 15

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Are these the Hall Of Fame numbers that we’ve come to expect from the Packers Aaron Rodgers?
Over the last 15 games, here’s what Rodgers has accumulated: Atts:  499
Comp:  284
YDS:  3,056
Completion %:  56.914
TDs:  22
INTs:  8
QB Rat:  83.880… Read the rest
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09/18/16 – Green and Gold Post Game Show

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Hear Bill Michaels and Gary Ellersons thoughts on the Packers loss here on the Green and Gold Post Game Show. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadRead the rest
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What The #$%^ Was That

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Hard Knocks gave us a glimpse behind the scenes of the LA Rams. Their billionaire owner wanted the publicity for a team that had recently uprooted their figurative steaks to go from St. Louis and the heart land to the glitz and glamour of La La Land…. Los Angeles. One of the more famous lines to come out of that program was when head coach Jeff Fisher said, “I’m not going 7-9 this year”. Coach, you’re right. My guess would be that you spent too much time on players bringing hookers into their dorm rooms, guys that believed in mermaids over dinosaurs and the posers for the cameras, you didn’t get much football work done.… Read the rest
Comments (2) | Posted by Bill on August 29, 2016

Hey Colin; Don’t Sit….Stand Up And Take Action

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Colin Kaepernick, Since we all have seen you reppin’ the Brewers and Milwaukee, Wisconsin in many of your interviews over the years, I’d like for you to consider the following: Recently the Sherman Park area of Milwaukee has seen its fair share of unrest regarding a perceived injustice.  While crime has escalated, tensions with law enforcement have risen and the outcry from within the community has seemingly fallen on deaf ears.  Many within that specific community have had similar complaints regarding oppression as well as a true search for legitimate, hands-on solutions. During the unrest, businesses were burned and looted along with private property being destroyed.… Read the rest