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No Comments | Posted by Bill on August 14, 2017

Protest, It’s Your Right But Do You Really Know Why?

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I don’t mind if you want to protest….protest if it makes you feel better and if you feel you’re making the correct impact.
My question then becomes, when do you end your protest? What has to happen for you to stand again and salute a country that allows you those freedoms? Please, be specific, I think a lot of people would like to know. Those who want to see change, what change? How much change? Just in your neighborhood or everywhere? If everywhere, be specific as to your desires? You see, some who want to protest, do it to protest without knowing the specifics of what they’re doing.… Read the rest
No Comments | Posted by Bill on July 31, 2017

Adams Early Star Dimmed By Foot Injury

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The Packers 3rd round draft choice, Montravius Adams, was showing promise.  He was big, strong and used terrific leverage to move mountains up front via offensive lineman.  Some of the praise heaped upon him by his teammates was comparable with the likes of Warren Sapp.  Strong praise for a young man who hasn’t played a down yet in the NFL.  All that promise has now come to a disappointing halt. Adams has a stress fracture in his foot that may or may not require surgery and maybe even screws to be inserted to solidify the break.  There isn’t any timetable for Adams return but estimates are 4 to 8 weeks depending on the severity of the fracture.… Read the rest
No Comments | Posted by Bill on July 27, 2017

Cheeseheads Need To Equal TDs

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He has milked cows, traveled the state to become acquainted with fans, he’s slept in front of his locker the night before training camp and now he’s donning a cheesehead.  Packers TE, Martellus Bennett, has certainly said and done all the right things to garner the respect and excited anticipation of Packers fans everywhere. Bennett was one of the bigger off-season move, not just for the Packers but in all the NFL. A little advice for the charismatic pass catcher, if you really want to endear yourself to those who also wear the cheeseheads with pride, catch touchdowns and block for your quarterback like you’re protecting the holy grail.… Read the rest
Comments (2) | Posted by Bill on July 27, 2017


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Last night’s Brewers / Nationals game was heartbreaking.  It was a game which you could second guess just about everything Craig Counsel did and you’d be right.  What makes me madder, and I know I shouldn’t be, it’s the fact that the day after you lose a tough one, Ryan Braun has his scheduled day off. Woulnd’t you love to see, or hear, Braun say to Counsel, “No, I’m not taking a day off, we need to win this one damnit and we’re in a pennant race”. I just want leadership. I don’t want “Blah blah blah” words, damnit do it. … Read the rest
No Comments | Posted by Tom on July 17, 2017

Win Tickets and Meet and Greet Kyle Busch!

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  Tobacco Outlet Plus Grocery presents   ARCA Midwest Dixieland 250   Tuesday, August 1st | 7pm   Wisconsin International Raceway | Kaukauna, WI   Click HERE to enter now!   * Each VIP Pass includes: a ticket to the race, VIP Meet & Greet, picture plus (2) autographed items with Kyle Busch and reserved seating in the Dick Trickle Pavilion (VIP access will be at 5:15pm) *   The first Tuesday in August marks the annual Forest County Potawatomi Dixieland 250 at Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna, WI. 250 grueling laps will be contested in what was called the “Best show of the summer” for the last two seasons.… Read the rest
No Comments | Posted by Bill on July 10, 2017

The Olympics Could Shortchange MLB Fans

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When it comes to playing baseball for your country or your team, the choice may not be the easiest but there’s a simple logic to it.  You see the 2020 Olympics are right around the corner and Major League Baseball, in conjunction with the Players Association, has stated over and over again that they can’t see the league’s best talents, leaving for 2 weeks to head to Tokyo. Some players would relish the opportunity to win gold but there is only one thing to consider here; the money. The money you demand in your contract.  The money your team is paying you. … Read the rest
No Comments | Posted by Bill on June 22, 2017

And The Horst Era Begins

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“I’m not excited”, “it’s a safe pick”, “there isn’t a wow factor here”, “where’s John Hammond when we need him” and finally “LOVE IT”….these are all the things that were said via twitter immediately after the Bucks took D.J. Wilson (PF from Michigan) with the 17th overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Short of the John Hammond comment, those were my thoughts exactly. This isn’t a flashy pick but what do you expect, in reality, when you’re picking at 17?  The Bucks are needing solid scorers, defenders and hopefully they end up with the rim protector that’s so desperately missing but this is about adding pieces around Giannis, Middleton, Thon and Parker.… Read the rest
No Comments | Posted by Matt on June 8, 2017

Need U.S. Open apparel? We have all the details!

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06/08/17: Mary Lopuszynski, Merchandise Director for the U.S. Open, has all the information on how you can get your hands on the coolest Erin Hills’ collectables. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadRead the rest
No Comments | Posted by Bill on June 6, 2017

Language Can’t Be A Barrier

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Should players who come from other countries, to the United States. to play professional sports, be forced to learn the language? That’s a recent discussion when it comes to baseball and some foreign players. Phillies CF Odubel Herrera and Yankees SP Masahiro Tanaka both have very little understanding of the English language and thus when on the field, they require translators to accompany the coaches. Boston Red Sox TV analyst Jerry Remy has a problem with that. On Tuesday Remy said in regard to Tanaka, “I think it should be illegal. Learn baseball language. Learn — it’s pretty simple. You break it down pretty easy between pitching coach and pitcher after a long period of time.” Phillies Hall of Famer, Mike Schmidt, has apologized for stating that the team couldn’t build around the talented outfielder Herrera because he can’t relate to his teammates.… Read the rest