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RSS Comments (2) | Posted by Bill on July 27, 2017

Last night’s Brewers / Nationals game was heartbreaking.  It was a game which you could second guess just about everything Craig Counsel did and you’d be right.  What makes me madder, and I know I shouldn’t be, it’s the fact that the day after you lose a tough one, Ryan Braun has his scheduled day off.

Woulnd’t you love to see, or hear, Braun say to Counsel, “No, I’m not taking a day off, we need to win this one damnit and we’re in a pennant race”.

I just want leadership. I don’t want “Blah blah blah” words, damnit do it.  You have an off day coming up on Monday.

I can’t imagine the guys I watched growing up ever taking a day off in a playoff chase.  No, Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Tony Perez…..those guys wouldn’t take a day off.  Bench, with his bad back and knees, hardly ever took a day off.  Former Reds manager, Sparky Anderson, once told me, “I’d almost have to tackle Sugar Bear (his nick name for Bench) to keep him on the bench”.
I want THAT out of the highest paid player and veteran leader for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Braun is a tremendous player who has been labeled as “fragile” and I understand the need to give him his rest but, damnit, I’m emotional and passionate today.

2 Comments to Damnit!

  1. by Jimmy On July 27, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    Bill- I can’t imagine Rodgers taking a game off to rest for GB!!!! When you coddle one you’ll have to coddle all! That’s when locker rooms implode, and players become disgruntled. Play the games with your very best, if during the game you have a big lead, then maybe sit some of your key players. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut, cause I only played softball for 20 plus years, we always played our best players, you wanted it that way if your serious about winning.

  2. by Scott On July 27, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    Youre right Bill. I HATE Ryan Braun. He’s a liar and a thief. He’s soft and a coward. How can he live with himself taking all this money from the Brewers that was given to him under FALSE assumptions that he was clean from steroids. These little whimpy injuries he keeps sitting for are a joke. I served 22 years in the military and I had to keep myself in shape all year around and run through pain to keep myself fit for deployments and this Va-jay-jay cant even stay on the field for 3 games without taking a break. I hate him, Id trade him to the Padres for NOTHING at this point. The guy is a cancer and a douchebag.

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