Freeman: What $$$ Aaron Rodgers wants, he gets

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Wednesday, September 13th

09/13/17: Mike Freeman, NFL Columnist for Bleacher Report, discusses Aaron Rodgers potentially making $200 million in the near future. Plus, outside of the Packers, who else stands out in the NFC?


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NFL columnist Mike Freeman joins us on the Schneider orange hotline Michael are embodied. Or what or who ordered to appear. Well yeah. You were that would my doctor. It Ellen. Yeah Allen's that was a little too hard so we just what would hi Bob. Or Mike listen at. Start with that that accuracy hockey we'll get to Aaron Rodgers get a nice peace and Bleacher Report. A short time ago but alaskans that sea hawk packer game a 179. Somewhat uneventful match up. Or is this just stay a couple of NFC heavyweights going at it. I think you would the latter. It was. A relief. What kind of gone back when that the these these crackers and more desired. Respect Aaron Rodgers and like them. Pardon the best quarterback ever seen. That he princes soaker. I I didn't think it will be able to move the ball metallic removed their. Greatly whether you move there and they have governor offense that removed a rumor or a photo with good omen. And if you can look they're a moment where ul Monroe it's given but. If you can move the Balkans call effectively. Most importantly that defense is nick Russell will completely flustered. Two really good omen for the crackers or we're. It right over the principle it's a pretty significant. Thing for them to do with date it is our what is your packet and that really relate to work for you though what scheck's. No I am I agree with you in that regard but at the one encouraging thing a couple of things vote one encouraging thing is the up. Pressure on Wilson now again that you could make the argument a banged up Seattle old line invited. The pressure has been missing from the Green Bay front seven here for for a number of years and and enter in regard to. You know strip Saxon and pick sixes and the pressures and knock downs and things like that. I think you saw a nice little taste of what Ted Thompson did with those front guys. You did and look at its Seattle. At a time. Under no Opel has survived with no gain. He's destroy cricket. Game. And they still get up and bill I mean he's just been a part of our current player. But yeah I mean. You wanna see. That kind of pressure to kind of bring you your Packers and scripture Europe talked about extensively over the years you really want looks either. And for them to do it even though even against a lot that's problematic is still good signs. You'll go you'll it will be more. If they can do that this week as well. And you know you have something really more often. But this is the proper the tougher task in the couple please let it do with this week that that's though. That that will be really go to a couple of home comings if you will Eddie lacy. Going against his old team and then Ager Pedersen against his old team. You talk about on eventful. That was the case in all situations wasn't. One will be to look is it appears mark or as I was. I mean talk about tight ball. Give us. Something was ready to blow up between him and patent. What. You're there are a lot of video like about a mile away. It was he and Heatley was was pretty. Sort of predictable. It's art I think he's a portrayed on the air putter. It just into the collective finger. It doesn't. And it appears certain that all would be its early. Our populace it would be really cute position. Tibetans because I didn't think you lose this for a long as the other people that and I don't think he's on the but you see the problem putting them off and that's out of one and also to know. They better Democrats and sparked the run look Baltic States through pretty well I don't understand that but it's still reasons she. And the longer he's there. And that was so patent law wrote. You're gonna have a hard time fitting Richard Peterson and that's all for stopping the early there are so big and so their work hours particularly since. Agent is likely just are all. Stay in in the NFC Atlanta Falcons coming off the Super Bowl flop their they had in this Chicago will be closer game a lot of people anticipated. They take that step backer or they still a force in the NFC. The bears I don't know. If you coma Washington on its site but the falcons falcons going all the art yeah I would I would very well and there's little bit longer. Matt Ryan play as well he played last year I would say yeah. It's hard to say they're not our concern is even though a little dark circles or still are restored force. Because they have Julio Jones and Barbara streaker. And they got a good running playing better defense is better so there are still force. But this isn't about me up into right this is that this huge. We is huge stretch for the embassy they're from real art might get that they all because. I think they did have a lot of talent. And the well coached so we're going to be hearing a lot. And so we're gonna see some points like last year between the falcons and the Packers this week. Mike this is what might he comported. They did I think that's I think that's pretty much security. At that says. Well it might mean that situation form where whoever has the ball last might might get the victory. Between the Packers and falcons I saw this day again staying in the NFC. If the Packers. Yeah of the falcons' young I had thing for cowboys was the guys that think or something big keep an eye on. And and after that I guess the Seahawks. Who is this guy on the surprise to Darcy a surprise team in in each conference every year. Who might be that's surprise team in the NFC. I don't know anyone in a surprise. I don't know that the partisan muted but commuters. The team they're really going to. Be a huge factor and swing things one or the other now. Because. I would that. The cowboys game was the giants. And I'm told you dark or not he's not he's not classy. He's not as confident or Iraq is it cougars. But he is learning and an expert that story. Are rarely seen a quarterback. Picked things up as fast as he and has given as much trust being so young as. So they're the singing is particularly if it looked like earlier in the way the whole year how would be probably be spent the next year. So it looks like. You can play I think he's got a little that are there that seeing the kind of mutual watched and if perk starts its roll. Today there are massive structure was and that the reason I don't think it will ready to over component that provision that would follow lawful. So they're they're watching in Vietnam so I'll put the Packers are I think two meter course. Well to suspend shouldn't the suspension that wasn't for Zeke Mike is I think I think a pretty important to keep and I am because as you said deck press got his learning still. Advocate do when you compounds -- it spoke the sophomore slump off the table as you can try to protect yourself from that. Yet exactly and opens a lot and so goes it's. I never quite possible poker as everyone knows after the electric better and people leave him though. And you can take the pressure off of that but I think. What what's happening with our it is he's reaching the point where. It the running game fails he can command game when he came by so. We saw flashes of that last year but not in there and produce and will be that are. Forever. One though is not a mortal enough for us. Almost nose yeah exactly but it is easy particular he's taken that that step where I think you're very very very. He can win the game aren't so and that's really picture. Blitzer reports Mike Freeman here and a fellow columnist. Joins us here on the bill Michael's show. And let's get to Aaron Rodgers here Aaron Rodgers was signed pen to paper some years ago it was a big deal and and now we're seeing. Now the escalation of of these contracts going up and up Matt Stafford and doing his thing and Aaron knows he's gonna get paid. An and I think it's worth it for servant Jetta peace and Aaron Rodgers a couple hundred million dollars. Is is that worth it to Green Bay. Well I would there I don't know her apparent heart does that mean war. Those like the continent of Europe or control. It an island via an island. That would content. You know whatever he wants the he suggests because. No kidding but certainly go round that we're from the quarterback security guards who aren't even then explained. Universe. Know that much effort like my art I think at a pair embark. You put Mets are one and a killer rock out there I mean you know it's just not close and he is a mean he's he's. He's a great 31 other or. 313230. Some you know but that's not. That that's that'll ordered more than Tom Brady likes to try. So. He is he's got another. Very strong for five years minimum. And at that level just he just got to make sure you keep them to pay him you wouldn't want them. And just a local problem to round. And can you go the other guys but. Somehow onward to part wrapped. So that you just can't let them well go out a lot of cash is the way it is. All of it after all make a huge huge huge money he's going to be one. Yen he's I agree with you four to five really really effective. Top notch years and and I think it's well worth the money and you work around efforts are at 33 years old. Just checked it out five years 38. With him being as health conscious as he has NB an adept at avoiding a hit just kind of squirm and his body a certain way at the point impact I think he stays relatively healthy and well worth the money. Yeah I think he's got the real true and you know in that stretch. He's he's he's capable of getting another circle holes so that will be worked he shook. In everywhere these guys walk. Off the field he works are on that he's incredibly now says. Smart he does everything you want from quarterback and again the Packers or the average ports. What it is startle them grow and be monumental stupid else you bet but you you have no choice now you have to pay these guys. Even someone as is how it is Gruner Rogers. That he deserved the kind of money you mean this is creeping Monday's connector but he had to share your choice. That's for you war. And just from an organization that. This got off the Brett Favre thing in obviously years ago Bart Starr and an assist. Knew there would be a shame if anything would ever crop up when it comes that. Contractual situation with a Aron Rogers have that would be a crime chip I don't see it happening. I would if you're Aaron Rodgers you relatively competitive at some point your breakthrough on and get to another Super Bowl. Yeah I don't see it I don't see it happening. But you'd you'd have to do pretty. Historic name where it happens I'll be I think the differences. In the far. The Packers at someone's. After. We do they have that rocked his chances no end. There's no one out there that you could be kept for the next appears to go as straight it was about law. Agreed Mike Freeman a pleasure talking with you will send everybody over to Bleacher Report and check out yourself over there are right. Groove polar heart on greater. I might Freeman. There you go Jeff there's your piece of audio AJ Getty's SeaWorld will talk again soon. As Mike Freeman Bleacher Report join us on the Schneider orange outline here. Schneider hiring drives urged Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fair for eighty plus years they've been getting it done. Called amino injured 44 try to go to Schneider jobs act I.