HR3 – Packers make two surprising cuts!

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Wednesday, September 13th

09/13/17: Hour 3. Plus, we’ll chat NFL with Mike Freeman and MLB with Chris Rose.


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Here's Tim Allen. From the league runs to the river runs this season we're Wisconsin sports fans home stood tall. The bill Michael you know. Here's your host. Michael's. It is the bill Michael showed Tim Allen in for bill today radio Joseph is here. Sam behind the glass. Also our buddy Jeff for a while skew the polish pipe bomb has joined us. He's doing some work behind. The balls over there and well the weather's turning just a little bit. Week one of the NFL in the books now the we'll get to the Packers and Seahawks match up. And kind of cruise over that one sort of uneventful. Stay I don't know maybe a little confused by that game but. Let's talk some more NFL from Bleacher Report. NFL columnist Mike Freeman joins us on those Schneider orange hotline Michael are you buddy. What were ordered to appear. Well he. You were that would up Arturo. It Ellen. Yeah Allen's that was a little too hard so we just what would hi Bob. What Mike listen at. Start with that that accuracy hockey we'll get to Aaron Rodgers get a nice peace and Bleacher Report. A short time ago but alaskans that sea hawk packer game a 179. Somewhat uneventful match up. Or is this just stay a couple of NFC heavyweights going at it. At that you would the latter. It was. A real believe. I would come on back without the Packers and more desired. Respect Aaron Rodgers and like him. Pardon the best quarterback ever seen. Pet sequences soaker. I I didn't think it will be able to move the ball metallic remove their. Greatly whether you move there is they have governor offense but they moved the rumor or thought it was a good moment. And if you can look there a moment here as well Monroe a given but. If you can move the Balkans at all since effectively. Most importantly that defense is nick Russell will completely lost or. Two really good omen for the crackers or we're. It right over the principle it's a pretty significant. Thing for them to do what they did it or lose your packet that they're really really good win for you though what scheck's. No I am I agree with you in that regard but at the one encouraging thing a couple of things vote one encouraging thing is the up. Pressure on Wilson now again that you could make the argument a banged up Seattle old line but. The pressure has been missing from the Green Bay front seven here for for a number of years and an inner in regard to. You know strip Saxon and pick sixes and the pressures and knock downs and things like that. I think you saw a nice little taste of what Ted Thompson did with those front guys. You did and look that that it Seattle. At a time. I'm Leo local. Survived with no game. He's history will repeat. Game. And he's still get up and battle a mean he's just been a part of a player. But yeah I mean. You wanna see that kind of pressure to kind of bring you your Packers and I'm sure you guys talked about extensively over the years you really want looks either. Effort and the tournament even make a small lot that's problematic is still good sign. You'll go you'll it will be more they they can do that this week as well than who don't have something really more often. But this is tougher and tougher task in the couple please let it do it this week that that spelled. That that will be really good a couple of home comings if you will Eddie lacy. Going against his old team and an aging Pedersen against his old team. You talk about on eventful. That was the case in all situations wasn't. Well pretty to look is it appears mark or as I would. I mean talk about our ball. Give us. Something was ready to blow up between him and Peyton. Once you're there a lot of video like a welcome all the way. It will lose if he and Heatley was was pretty. Sort of predictable. It's our current I would think he's on Ortiz on the air putter. It just into the collective feeling guy to Gaza. And appears certain that all will be its early. Our focus will be a really cute share. Tibetan to go to the picture you'll lose this for a long as the other people that and I don't think she's on the but you see the problem putting them off like a lot of money also to know. They better Democrats who sparked the run look Baltic States did pretty well until I understand that but it's still reasons she. And the longer he's there. And Obama's own patent law wrote. You're gonna have a hard time fitting Adrian Peterson and that's all for stopping the early there are so big and so their work and hours particularly since. Agent isn't likely just are all. Stay in in the NFC Atlanta Falcons coming off the Super Bowl flop their they had in this Chicago will be closer game a lot of people anticipated. They take that step backer are they still a force in the NFC. The bears I don't know. If you call or an on site but to sell in the falcons going all the art yeah I would I would say the falcons as little bit longer. Matt Ryan play as well he's late last year our city yeah. It's hard to say they're not our concern is even though they Bloomberg certain bookstore or they're still a force. Because they have Julio Jones and Barbara streaker. And they got a good running playing better defense is better so there are still force. But that is coming up into right this is this huge. We need is this year which stretched their embassy they're from real art my guess is they'll because. I think they have a lot of talent. And the well coached so we're going to be hearing a lot. So we're gonna see some points like last year between the falcons in the Packers this week. But it is hope he might he comported shipments. That'd I think that's I think that's pretty much care. At that says. Well it might mean that situation form where whoever has the ball last might might get the victory. Between the Packers and falcons I saw this day again staying in the NFC. If the Packers. Yeah of the falcons' young I had thing for cowboys whereas the guys that think or something big keep an eye on. And and after that I guess the Seahawks. Who is less than a surprise to Darcy a surprise team in in each conference every year. Who might be that's surprise team in the NFC. I don't know anyone gonna surprise. I don't know that were partly to spot commuters. The team are really going to. Be a huge factor and swing things one or the other bells. Because. I would bet that the cowboys game with the giants. And told you dark or not he's not he's not classy. He's not as confident or Iraq is it recruiters. But he is learning and an expert this story. Are rarely seen a quarterback. Picked things up as fast as he has and has given as much trust being so young as. So they're the singing is particularly if it looked like earlier in the way the whole year public would probably be spent the next here. So it looks like. You can play I think he's got a little better there are looking to comment Neitzel watched. If perk our role. Days there are massive structure was inspected green and I don't think it will readies to over component that division execs who would follow lawful. So they're they're watching in Vietnam so I'll put the Packers are I think to meet their requirements. Well to suspend it shouldn't the suspension that wasn't for Zeke Mike is I think I think a pretty important to keep and I am because as you said deck press got his learning still. Advocate do when you compounds Zeke it spoke the sophomore slump off the table as you can try to protect yourself from that. Yet exactly and opened the line so goes it's. I never quite possible poker as everyone knows separate electric better and people we know. And you can take the pressure also. But I think. What what's happening with our it is she's reaching the point where. The running game fails he can command game when making art so. We saw flashes of that last year but not in there and producer will be that are. Forever. One is not a moral enough for us. Almost nose yeah exactly but it is easy particular he's taken that that step where I think he's very very very. He can win games aren't so and that's really picture. Blitzer reports Mike Freeman here and a fellow columnist. Joins us here on the bill Michael's show. Let's get to Aaron Rodgers here Aaron Rodgers was signed pen to paper some years ago it was a big deal and and now we're seeing. Now the escalation of of these contracts going up and up Matt Stafford and doing his thing an Aaron knows he's gonna get paid. An and I think it's worth differ servant Jetta peace and Aaron Rodgers a couple hundred million dollars. Is is that worth it to Green Bay. Well I would there I don't know her apparent heart is that these war on those they like the continent of Europe or control. A hood idol India and Ireland. That would content. You know whatever he wants the he suggests because. No kidding but certainly go round. Were from the quarterbacks are getting dark too long even then explained. Universe we know that Matt effort like that might start a finger at them but. You put Mets are one of the scale rocked out there I mean you know it's just not close and he is a mean he's he's. He's at least thirty want to have a very. 313230. Some you know but that. That that that'll orderly Morton Tom Brady likes to trot. So. He is he's got another. Very strong for partners like minimum. And at that level just he just got to make sure you keep them you can get more wants them. And just a local problem relative. And can you pay other guys but. Somehow onward to backtrack. So that you just just can't let them well go out a lot of cash is the way it is. All it all meant we are huge huge huge money he's going to be one. Yeah and he's I agree with you four to five really really effective. Top notch years and and I think it's well worth the money and you you work around that for sure at 33 years old. Just checked it out five years 38. With him being as health conscious as he has and be an adept at avoiding a hit discussed. Squirm and his body a certain way at the point impact I think he stays relatively healthy and well worth the money. Yeah I think he's got the real true and you know and that's stretched. He's he's he's capable of getting another circle holes so that will be worked he shook. In every way ago walked. Off the field who works are on that he's incredibly Kyle says. Smart he does everything you want from quarterback. And again the packer cardinal amateur. What they decide to let them grow and be monumental stupid so you bet but you you have no choice now you have to pay these guys. Even someone as is hell that is great honor Rogers. That he deserved the kind of money you mean this is creeping Monday's connector but yet as your your choice. That's for York. And just from an organization that. This got off the Brett Favre thing in obviously years ago Bart Starr and an assist. Do it would be a shame if anything would ever crop up when it comes that. Contractual situation with a Aaron Rodgers have that would be a crime chip I don't see it happening. I would if you're Aaron Rodgers you relatively competitive at some point your breakthrough on and get to another Super Bowl. Yeah I don't see it I don't see it happening. But you you thought of two birdies. Historic name where it happens I'll be I think the differences. Are far. The Packers at someone's. After. We do they have that would rock is no end. There's no one out there that you could be kept for the next appears to go that extra support law. Agreed Mike Freeman a pleasure talking with you will send everybody over to Bleacher Report and check out yourself over there are right. Good move polar heart problem but it. I fight for human. They go Jeff there's your piece of audio AJ Getty's SeaWorld will talk again soon. As Mike Freeman Bleacher Report join us on the Schneider orange outline. Here Schneider hiring drives urged Schneider hired drivers right now they work hard you work hard teacher you fare for eighty plus years they've been getting it done. Called amino injured 44 try to go to Schneider jobs act more the bill Michael show is next. Everywhere in Wisconsin. The bill Michael sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. This portion of the Michael show brought to our friends it 'cause themselves where they have the best seats in the house contest going on right now that you yourself sitting in the fifty yard line Lambeau Field plush leather requires. All you have to do compliment to cousins up by the way. Is go to Packers dot com slash best seats that's Packers dot com slash best seat and I would highly recommend grab of one of those cousins subs. There recruiters and delegating there as well get the bill Michael with a SATA radio dude she's Kurds had to pepper and you know by the way and it's all from cousins subs download the app on your apple your android phone. Cut themselves where they believe in better. Like the song. Welcome back as the bill Michael showed Simmons to build and it can't go around ability. No. President taxicab in Vegas I was with you yes some years ago. Now sit next to my buddy. Yeah I forgot his name you know but they scan. Yeah it was jam and some. Early idol and I don't do would you like Billy Idol is yeah. ID two and we were going over the songs and all that at the end of the ride pop the C output in the case. You can have this CD from me it gave me a CD. That was cool he bought it for 499. Omar. I don't know didn't he say so that's what he said as alleged then but I didn't care that was nice so. So I ended up to heaven ten bucks and buy the CD for ten bucks X. I think that's a way that worked out. But what about Tim Allen as. What I learn in Vegas. Every camp we get into a symbol make conversation with the cab driver he'll sit right up in front and he learns from it up or from larger deal how long you've been here you got kids now. I did appalled reading on one of a one year. I did. A bit of future teller thing with them he loved it did not think you were a fortune teller will assure. For Surrey. Well I would just make things up like the guys my buddies in the city ever bribe anybody famous. And though like yeah we had so and so I said well you're doing it again this guy in the back here. Now is a big star. And that. At times it has gotten me in trouble Kazaa and a guy believed that wanted to his autograph a picture in. We'll who were you telling in the backseat was the star. Stevie was one no one of our guys spark he's barking. Maybe it's how she's do that with them yeah bronco Billy's med yeah mr. giggles she did that's right now. Itself. Yeah that's just. I'm headed baca has been effect thirty days 29 days from today unless. The brewers make the playoffs we'll all wait a minute here. So all I gotta. Cancel order in place. And wool wool walls won't. Why. I would Jules. Even consider booking a Vegas strip during the baseball post season. Well why would you do that I did Ed I've bought the trip in June. And the brewers were Roland. And I said make me make a decision. So I did that. And this would be game five of the NL be out. This and that would be Thursday if you wanna double check the dates on that. That would be Thursday October 12. Being. You know seasoned somewhat seasonal guide that handles post game duties and in Milwaukee. I do have extra time in the offseason the baseball offseason. In a run some weekend shifts said it's unfair to Milwaukee whatever. Infill and free for you guys but. You know I've I do I make eight April through September. And an idea I'd tempt fate with them. With I would because I wanna get out of town of Burris don't like the playoffs I wanna get my work and get out of town just becomes so less. So all along you really didn't believe that the brewers are going to make the play sharks you got all Carrick get our. Oh OK good now. It did it just. You know he did it with a plan of adjusting if need bitty. But if I wait until way at the end and I pay more an addict but I can always cancel. And and the people go what they know that I Lowell cancel out and work because the brewers hopefully will make the playoffs. Well I could you both this in November. It's because I wanna get so does the season ends I wanna gulf if if it were up to me if I could if I can do it this way. It was the brewers were eliminated. Either regular season or post season play I'd be on my way to Mitchell field I get that I wanna be gone. And I couldn't knights couldn't dial it in right away side but I thought well wait about a week this season ends to no way to about a week if they don't make it I'm out on. Over twelve so otherwise you bid in the Don club longer than I've been in the gun club now. Now I got what you Jonas that's what you said and a half because I can cancel. City. But she booked that stereotype of potential brew were policies aidid bucket yes. I did all Tim Allen you or something else can you. You'll. Just spin it to where I have the confidence that they won't make difference is they don't. If they don't then I get get out of town. Up next we're gonna talk more baseball with. Chris rolls from MLB network's intentional talked. If you're in baseball you're and a good broadcasting near an entertainment. One of the best interviews you're ever gonna find is our Rosen and Kevin Millar. They've had dossier had Brad Phillips are a few months ago they did they'd have they had debt Eric so hard on her memory at the home run and San Diego. Souter on their not to long ago prince Souter was on there are given him an IQ test and things like that it's it's. I it's one of my favorite shows on TV. It's intentional talking Chris Rose. You also works for NFL network does enough he does now I mean he's sees all over the place so we'll chat with him. Coming up in not just a couple of minutes wanna get the national perspective. On now what he thinks of the brewers' chances here in them hang in in their two and a half games back. In the National League central. With seventeen games remaining we'll do that next year in the bill Michael's show. 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And welcome back Wisconsin it is the bill Michael's show Tim Allen in for bill today as he is off on assignment is that the right way to put it outside where I have to go with that right yeah that works more professional way to put it outside of him just land and beat some. Yes either way. Brewers didn't back in action tonight trying to take the series against the of Pittsburgh Pirates stay in this thing too now back front running Chicago. It's gonna national perspective. And I got us live in large she has says his Indians are now what in the lead again going after number 21 we at the Schneider awards hotline and welcome and from MLB network's. Intentional talk it's Chris Rose Chris sorry man. Are. You well more important how you Lar having been doing the brewers post game for twelve years. In radio for thirty from one broadcasts brother to another man. I'd I love it man you gotta be bank and so massive. Money in this industry archer. Its goal. Is especially cool what's going on here. You know I'm just sit here and while do in the interview watch in the Indian get to a 41 lead lead the bases loaded in the fourth though that doesn't cut back on them but. And it's fun. On the dead but for you guys you know it's been awhile since you guys have been in. In contention with you know less than three weeks ago so. These guys have been a fun to watch this year. Yes absolutely and and a lot of you know eyebrows raised is the season moved to long and and red granite who cares have been a long time of broadcaster as well as brewers fan. I don't care if they'd back into the playoffs and in the playoffs are. Wait stop stop stop. If I gonna back into the play out when you have to inept teams that make up. Well no bad thing. Nobody but no this a lot of people are saying while the cubs allowed this to happen the cubs should be runaway with a single parents and. And and and it used. It to a 162 games if you get in earned and that's all that matters it's. There's a bulletin at Milwaukee and Cleveland are trying to bunt similar planes when it comes to. Exports obviously the Packers were just down the road of adds significantly more success than. My football team but we're kind of in the same boat wouldn't let it you know comes to some of these states. Don't ever apologize to make it a post season in any sport and you know we did years in the NBA were teams have gone 4042 and made the playoffs. Wrong rules don't matter you get into the party don't revel at it. Absolutely. And you. What do you think the brewers' year and I again at the some people say rebuild mode or whatever maybe they're ahead of schedule. Maybe behind schedule but man as it's been a nice strong thus far. Yeah I would like to have seen them make a play per guy like Sonny Graham would stop that he would have been a perfect fit. These guys not only for this year but for the next few years after that. Well I understand what David Stern is doing here and get back out again that you know he's. But I think we fall in love with prospects so much in this sport and these guys are untouchable. But you know let the Astros just realized that there of activity at the World Series unless they go get a guy like Justin Verlander right. And he's gonna end up starting game one the playoffs and you know they could sit here with all their prospects and their little boat Andy bigger boat race in the first round without making a move for satellite related and agree that their stable like a all the prospects who got a really need their cool look at. You know but it was a with the brewers. I don't know they can do it I I hope they can't I wanna see one of these races come down to that final week and I mean how much bomb would beat you guys finished the year in Saint Louis. And it really means that. Pretty cool. Our man to be way cool I mean there are you talking about a franchise here since 1970. That has made the post season four times in at some point I mean you got to turn the page and expectations being the post season on her on a regular basis topped it. Tough to do easier said than done I'll I understand that but I agree with you on these. Prospect lists and I think the general manager has his own list of who's touch aboard whose untouchable. Yeah I mean that's the way it goes that's their job. Especially guys when they're drafted and developed you know in your system you all love them and you wanna be able to prove him right at that we can do this in especially in the market like Milwaukee where. You have to be right more than you are wrong behavior in the Los Angeles or New York or Chicago. Or Boston and you miss out at eight prospect here there. It's not gonna be noticed as much because you could build a crack with with free you know lucrative free agent deal. You can't afford to be as wrong. In cities like Milwaukee and Cleveland in Kansas City so. If I get it I understand that but. You know I don't you think we should be talked about prospects with which he ego get two and half weeks to the. That's right. You know you got a big game against the pirates tonight that hit the road for Miami in Pittsburgh that you got a problem and it's. It's possible I'm excited for you guys I don't know what could happen but I'm excited. Yeah well I am too man on a regular basis it's it's definitely the season has been a gift. For sure and the it's been sort of a weird. World of of baseball this year by the way unintentional talked you've had several brewers on. I know you tried to get Brad Phillips to haunt his laugh out there for you they got the got that Donald little bad yet Eric's old guard armed with his wife and and daughter. Tried to explain to a daughter out in a home run doesn't win a ballgame. Think he had Brad Souter armed and mab Eric they Russo who is your favor brewer this year. I loved David at the beginning in the year just because we knew so little about him and he was such a good run at that point exe. He did a little bit at the right to vote on and with that the worry you know homer after appearing on the show that there would leave those awful low Lackey in Chicago. And that was possible and by the way we've got later on today. The giants yet so look out. We've heard some good things about them and I think he's I think he's right in our wheel house for what we're look at force some pictures. It's needed today it's it's going to be pretty good. Wide angle shot with the all that hair on him. Well you have to were worried about we've toll lied about these this shot right now that the taxes together. Every piece of lettuce. Hey your co host their camel are not. You know you can't script that saint Paul saints thing you just you just can't do how Sabato also put it's well that went down. It was awesome so I was at a wedding I was at a cousin's wedding that. And I just opened the man would make contact about blowout little bleak yourself. And I'm out here on the West Coast in LA game and it's like 6 o'clock. And also might. Bold start blown up right at the wedding is about to start like that held on unlike some wrong with the kids without. I looked and people are tweeting. Paid your portable war where people like I cannot believe it. So we have a long drive home from the way in my wife and I called. And he captured the following Hasbro. I can't believe it. He's like might have been the greatest moment ever highlight. Of my you know when you. When mark says something like that dependable like most of us go get noted that their kids were born yeah add a new. You know graduating from however. You know prohibits like. Paul marine and an independent league baseball game if you believe that you know it is the way we roll. That's crazy MLB network's Chris Rose here in the bill Michael's show as the brewers get ready to seventeen and games sprint to the finish here in any right Chris said that these these guys set. They do have a shot at it out of they're gonna make it or not but you know what then the reality is they co led. And you're right houk who cares give men or whatever hey I'm here and you're still overrun NFL network to. We are. Unless you know something that I don't know they you know I was there last night he did it. I've bought or something now not quite yet now know and he's got a hotline now if if they wanted to replace event. That's got to be busy schedule for you guys I juggle all that. Yes September October get a little leery but I love it. It's a ton of fun. You know I'm just I always try to make sure that I don't call it the Arizona Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals or anything like that. That that's kind of the key to this whole thing but it is. It's a lot of Reading it's a lot of watching ball games especially with baseball because so many of them means something at the start here. I want to kind of baseball you know during the summer months but I'm really to do it with as many games as possible that I'd be here. And it's a black and I mean I'm fortunate that works six days a week during the fall but that that's perfectly fine. I mean at the one of the things I admire about ship is that. And and I know this is probably some trade talks went. I have to say this to you warned that things is that you can go axes and nose and pro sound. Which you can also go goofy and sideways and still maintain some credibility. IE are really think that's a trait that a lot of broadcasters don't have Chris. I appreciate that any you know what it. Was in it to me it's. When you wake up and you spend as much time away from your family at around offices and things of that nature as we do in this business. You better enjoy what you do. And there are a lot of people are portraying our business that don't always love what they're doing may complain married game six of the World Series and is wanted to and so they. Season can. Like I don't get that. Like I understand it being away from your family so it's not fun that you read our sacrifices we make to be in this great does that were in. But you better enjoy what you do every day and I can really count on my fingers and toes. Over the twenty years and I've been in front of the camera the number of days I haven't wanted to go to worker or on an assignment and accuses because there's other stuff happening in my life. You don't want my kid is sick. You know things are going great homework we're human beings just like the athletes are out there and we'd bring network with a sometimes but. Being able to I think. It jumped from. You know go hosting a show on the feel that the Super Bowl right after suitable 51 is. Is awesome and then and being able to joke around with our guests. Like mr. hater today he's able to do that I just think it's fun and so that fertility I think it is important in this industry that don't change. Have little moniker and we play the song after every brewers win on the oppose game show and that is the beat goes on I don't know the beat goes on switch in the glide as the song by the kings. Many years ago so I have adopted that kind of rally cry the beat goes on. Anyway you could work that into the Josh hater in her view that this just in some some regard just say the beat goes on for the crew were some like that. He says that this is very much like what Dan Patrick does on his radio this morning Lori asks guys slipping. If they go on a late night program. So we will try to within the beat goes on the beat I ozone. Absolutely I will I will give it a shot. Hopefully over the next few hours I won't forget okay added in their I don't take it personally now. Now it's not because I don't wanna do it just could not Smart enough to remember it. While that I can say you hate me. That's now would I don't know I'm I'm getting out I'm playing the stupid card right now in front of every. So it really had nothing to he would use and everything to do with my lack of brain cells. And so they're from Purdue in the show OK well happy for you would your Indians year because there in the other league and hopefully the brewers and Indians go at it now the World Series here. I I would tell you I would love that in part because obviously would be unions giving against anybody would be fantastic. But I have it and it up in Milwaukee. My aunt flo who's an amazing woman and she's in her early nineties. And she's I mean he's apiece I started at a wedding this summer Meyer are nephew's wedding and did she get around it looks like she's like 75. She's the best. Wells that Wisconsin and beards Rankin. It back if I can get out there. And. Have a World Series and C may have slowed the same time. I'd be pretty sleaze. I was epic life is good we wanna say hello it and flo she's welcome in the studio any time to be airport to pick up on. Chris Rose thanks so this time and good luck. And there as he sat at you said I'll take it because we got it out audio Chris thanks of lines you've got to. Died areas MLB network's. Intentional talking it really is your baseball fan just it just an entertaining hour of baseball talk and entertainment. That's where you find it MLB network show weekdays at 4 PM yep 4 PM and and only network is airing live games at least five days a week he joins us on the shatter or in chat line. Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fear for eighty plus years. They've been getting it done called an 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jabs that come that dude is equality broadcaster I'm I'm not kidding you he sees. This guy really respect a Washington for years man in an end like in his days on Fox Sports Net where he would be doing like poker stop on the poker cores is the best damn sports show half. IA's been around I would take a quick break and come back you're listening to the bill Michael's show. In order to avoid. Mortar though the film Michael's voice talking network rescinded by marsh field clinic health system. Fish Portugal Michael show brought to our friends at quick trip right now 24 rounds Packers Tumblr sings nice. 1999. With any in store purchase. After every Packers win you can bring in the Tumblr for a free refill of coffee your cappuccino or hot chocolate or fountain drink all season long. It's available right now it any Wisconsin quick trip store. I welcome back it is the bill Michael showed Tim Allen in for bill today. As. Packers made a few moves were added. Focus a little bit more on Packers football in the next hour we'll hear from my coach Mike McCarthy. Who addressed the media. When an hour or two ago celeb that Florian. Paul in meg are green and gold analysts will join us in the next hour as well. And the up Packers. In a couple of releases Gunter no longer a packer Ricky Jean France walked. No longer a packer at least for the time being. Mean things could change. In the injuries or whatever but. And also another roster move. Yes the Packers announced. That they sign a guard slash tackle and I'm paying heed to the active roster they had an open spot. Because they cut two guys so now they have a little extra depth that offensive line. And then they also added guard Gerald Green to the practice squad he played with the Eagles Oca so that that that's the latest movement out of Green Bay I was just. I was kind of surprised that they cut Gunter. An and look I know he was looked like the third team defense in the pre season I mean he got really bomb down. But the fact that the guy still has experienced on the field. I'm surprised bade Ding cut someone like Lindsay Pickens they must really like Pitt they must. I don't know what do I know but I'd to meet that roster was surprising and really France why tool that also kind of surprised me but they must be a big fan. Quit and that they think may be Quinton dial is going to be a whole lot better than France didn't play on Sunday no he was inactive so whatever their seen in him allow did that move with France swap. But it shows you that you know as you get better as she gets some depth there and that there be some tough cots. Well Darius Gunter man yeah rough raw road last year a hole. The only head to head against Julio Jones said they had against Dez Bryant O'Dell O'Dell ethic from junior I've felt the dude I had a bit. But we're seeing in the depths come to the forefront here. More of the bill Michael's show as we move on a Wednesday addition Wisconsin's. You're listening to go there. Bill might cool sports talk network. 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