HR4 – Buy or Sell?: No one comes close to Packers in NFC North

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Wednesday, September 13th

09/13/17: Hour 4. Plus, Green and Gold analyst Paul Imig stops by.


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From the league runs to the riverfront. This season we're Wisconsin sports fans called troops all the bill Mikey show. Here's your whole list. Michael. And welcome back Wisconsin is the bill Michael's show Wednesday addition no build a day Tim in for bill radio Joseph is here and they're all big. The brewers are finding away. The beat goes on. Their better than people think. And tomorrow we have to on the brewers off day we got to define what the brewers are Joseph you know left. Two weeks Leo yeah well I've been getting everything from they're 500 team so right in the middle. I've been now over the course of you don't five and a half months year I've been hearing that. Their bad team. In a down division. I've heard there are a good team. They're an average team. All of these things we shifted kind of find if we can dial into a pocket here classified. Characterized sort of a fine. I've never been through a season like this that is swerved all over the road like this. In terms of fan sentiment as to who that and what they are. Now they're over achieve. Of their eyes you know in a down division all all of those things that's really. Actually it's quite fascinating. Tell you that your. They. But we do know one thing we always sorrow is what we know what we do know. And don't look now Wisconsin but the brewers are two and a half games out of first seventeen apply. Are they gonna win that division I they get negative on the view the wildcard. I don't know. Are they get a blues the division by game maybe in the final game of the year. Never know. I don't know all that. But I'd do know this two and a half seventeen to play they could end up in the playoffs that's fact they could they could take. Which is sick. Just so cool. So so cool pay my heart goes out to Chris Rose. He's gonna have. Josh hater on. Yeah and dice challenging interview he's very tough. I mean I've gotten him to loosen up a timer too but sometimes it's just tight. As they say maybe just got to do better job common. It's hard to get like a 102 answer out of him. And I can try and go back and fire my conversation when Josh haters you qwest's yeah they're they're quick quick responses unlike Doug Melvin. Like former GM of the brewers five minute answers the F I think Doug Melvin went by the Credo that the longer your answer is the last questions you have to. Field. So are they even when is it over the years when I would say it had they get some quick shooters quick hitters here. And got a lark or three minutes later three minutes later you like. What was the question but DI intentional talk Chris Rose and Campbell are with. Josh hater today and yeah I guess will roll some tape on that maybe have that for you. I have some breaking brewers news season at a McKelvey our insider tweeting a source says that. Right handed pitcher Aaron Welker and is getting called up to the brewers his agent Burton rocks that's the name is Burton rocks confirms that. Unknown when will percent will pitch yeah pretty good year double A from Biloxi very good year all told acquired in the air and he'll trade last season. And that provide some clarity here with the brewers baseball moving forward. The remaining seventeen as as I've said earlier today it just seems a little messy. The starting rotation and announced the wrong time to. Get caught with your pants down here with with regards to be a start on a regular basis and what kind of rotation your garment. Short start for chase and a bullpen game last night how much to get out of brand suitor next time out. What happens if one of these games. Zach Davies. Blows up our idea and he doesn't chew up in 56 plus innings and he got another bullpen game right there. So this could give this a good move to get somebody in here I just didn't wanna get to the point where. You know they had to settle for. A Matt Garza start not Ted Garcia couldn't step up for one game I'm not saying now I'm just saying. The sentiment of you know of the brewers brass saying we just now or forced him to go own cars. Just didn't want that situation made this their world will percent. Will love remedy that situation but. Up Packers football. Mike McCarthy will hear from him coming up in just few minutes also are green and gold analyst. Paul in big will join us as well as our usual Wednesday chat on the bill Michael's show right now. By herself. World of sports but a lot of people say it a lot of things but. Does it past the big unit test let's play by yourself. This is the bill Michael show. All right fire sell these are questions that are. Not kind of scanned over by bill for me right bill doesn't see of either no he sees them but I don't really looks at them. Policy now I'm is a lot going on during Michelle and I. This would set some final whenever I'm going in blind none of these things you are and. I don't like it though yeah I'd and do Timmy no one comes close of the Packers in the NFC north. And sell. Who I think the vikings or the lines. Neither one of on this the NFL man he'd never ever know you don't know who's gonna step up we talked to Mike Freeman. Last hour and you know who is going to be that surprised Steve although we didn't mention Detroit. For the vikings. I mentioned Tampa Bay but there's always that tends to be those. Teams that just surprise. Keep in mind the vikings were they not. I want a safe or no war. Maybe in five don't know last year mirror five announced that five and oh yeah. I mean that in dollar often running now again the face of of pretty weak New Orleans Saints defense. And a home game for the vikings. But. Eight they do have good defense. That the offense and dolphins cook is a little bit of metro card here for the vikings. But what if he goes off. As one of the top rookies if not the top rookie in the NFL. Will be does. And that defense. Or some Dinara. So I can't say with a degree of certainty. That nobody's gonna pressure agreement. I think they'll be more clarity as the weeks go by. But I'm selling. But yourselves. We should not be freaking out of the Packers have another sub par offensive performance against the Atlanta Falcons coming up on Sunday night. About that. About that you saw the packers' offense last year. May be under achiever early. And then Aaron Rodgers says it's go time. Then that we go to. Attitude. That did last year added that it was almost epic proportions. What he did. Late in the season and into the playoffs for them absolute machine. And we were all worried about. There's a lot of people worried about and so if this is his down weak against the Seattle defense. It's decent at the bare minimum their decent. And he goes 311. With a touch Arab. I think that sets up. As I went and a football game and in you and I hear him play all that well but still want shows the market equality. I wouldn't freak out. I would freak out at all. Buy or sell our we'll get some brewers one story of the brewers got it Rite Aid starting chasing Anderson today on short rest. Avaya and because they were pickled into a corner and I love the fact that Craig Counsell said that was sort of a spur of the moment kind of adjust or shift on the fly counted decision. That happened on Saturday in Chicago. As the brewers were runner away with a victory. He had the foresight or someone mosque the said hey man when there was Murphy herb Derrick Johnson or someone planted a seed in there. That said hey. We got this issue here going on. You gotta run away game here you got Jason Anderson in in the fifties or sixties and pitches. Let's yank him down in case we gotta go with him on short rest. Love that move I'd love the fact that there. As I said before there kick and scratch and claw and fight their way find it away. Do and everything they can. I don't think it was a mistake you're going with chase today. I agree with them move so I like we're Craig Counsell the body or so. We should not be worried about Jimmy Nelson's season ending injury. Course we got to worry that's a huge dead. Allow one night this that's huge huge. He was. Did you feel didn't she feel confident every time views on the mound yes. Just it. And I was kind of waited for that other shooters just Chirac where he we get into Iraq I mean you that one out in about a month ago where he gave up like eight or nine runs like it was terrible hope. Yacht that this entire season. You know what you're getting united Jimmy Edmonds may write it and my question is next season. It Jimmie does this again. They're adult. Sold this fitness or manually brought to Willie pro to have that really good year. And people like me center and said well my god if Willie brawl is capable of that futures straight futures pretty should be able do it again and he never did. And I look like an idiot because of it. And feeling good about Jimmy this this surgery though those concerns me. Yes he went as a matter of fact yesterday. To LA for a second opinion right. And search or re I would think if Ayman I would thank and that's that's just sad because he finally solve. They Craig Counsell told us and in the offseason that is this a big year for both Willie for altered Jameer Nelson right. He just gave onset it. That being said okay Willie fails. Jimmy steps up. And did you see enough but I think I've seen enough I think I've seen enough work ethic that. Don't use is far better than. What what a lot of people thought. And that's a. You G you don't want even more sold on. Is that Davies because Davies did this last year to keep pitched very well last year yet gets off to a shaky start this year but. You on his last 1415. Starts. My god he is just he is hard to beat and he's not heard brewers got four different pitches this. It the rough outing on Monday. For Brandon Woodruff. You think about their rotation next year. Davies Nelson Anderson Woodruff and hater so attached. Hats. I'm sorry baseball I know that's pretty competitive yes that yes. By eight or set no less on for you Tim part of the blame for the brewers lack of offense should be geared at Brian Bryant. Yeah I kind of bias. He should be doing better but I will say this to defend Ryan brawn. Seen a lot of baseball. And I've seen a lot of hard lock. That's in the whole thing is hard luck Ron Ron. I haven't seen another player barrel up so many baseballs and one season and not have time to show for it I'm just saying. That's not an excuse says is the fact to reality. But it is part of the issue. Pop a real Ryan drawn into that three spot I think that's contagious. Everyone else around him performs just tick better. Tough field to. So maybe he maybe use it last night Craig Counsell said we need a player to have a special finished maybe it is rhyme brawn maybe it's their names maybe Santana. If somebody else steps up. Cross your fingers on Ryan brawn you still though you get equality yet that there. Yeah he is part of the part of the struggles here. Well Tim is survived another installment debt by herself Walden I did I got through it. I'm Mike McCarthy addressed the media and the Packers started I've volume to Wednesday you leaning over. Other hump here in the middle of the week is start to eyeball that to a match of game two. Packers in Atlanta to open up that stadium down their Mike McCarthy next year on the bill Michael's show. This portion of a Michael show brought to our friends and cousins selves where they are the best seat in the house contest going on right now pitch yourself sitting in the fifty yard line Lambeau Field plush leather requires. All you have to do compliment to cousins up by the way. Is go to Packers dot com slash best seats that's Packers dot com slash best seats and I would highly recommend grab a one of those cousins subs. It Anderson tailgating area as well get the bill Michael with a SATA radiant UT's third set to pepperoni melt by the way. And it's all from cousins subs download the app on your apple your android phone. Cut themselves were they believe in death. Wisconsin love. We'll Michael's sports talk. Rescinded by marsh field clinic health system. This course in the program run by tobacco outlet plus grocery exactly like it sounds they have fantastic cigars and outlet prices premium cigars you know I love a good cigar but also. Groceries that's what they have weathered bread or milk Greg's. Great prices everything you need on a daily basis stop and any tobacco outlet plus grocery store right now all throughout the great state of Wisconsin. I welcome back to the pro. Ram that is Leo Wednesday addition of the bill Michael's show Tim Allen in for bill today radio Joseph the polish pipe bomb is hanging out today and is it a Packers here is that the Packers year they finally get through again under Aaron Rodgers. Could be. It could very well. I think you could make the argument that it's probably going to be. Aaron Rodgers against potentially. Tom Brady would you like to see that's Super Bowl or no. Mean if today actually if you could choose. Would that would that be a great super bowl of football person perspective I think many football fans wanna see that happen. I think the NFL wants to see this suggests. It just made you can orchestrate something that would be the one to orchestrate get those two guys going that. But then on a winning the Super Bowl sense maybe you want a younger team. Like the raiders. Now Packers and and raiders go on at a Pittsburgh big beat them again right. How did you ain't. But I just from me you know surfaced on the national scene Rodgers and Brady. Wow man that that would be a vehicle raced super. All really would pay I just got a text message. From the man himself. The big unit though Michaels on. He says out writing in tomahawk and listening to you guys loud and clear on 965 which is currently under policies on a bike ride nice yeah that Syria as he spent on the next couple days up there in the knees into the show on Friday from one side and WR EG. Cool so. So yeah builds a stake in a couple days off much needed and you'll be back Friday he. He's got the huddle right now yeah yes he will not be doing the huddle this Thursday got a it'll be Kevin Holden and bar went. OK very very good I is it a Packers year well you take it step by step. Packers got to big challenge ahead of them on the road opening up that stadium down in Atlanta against the NFC champion Atlanta Falcons and a coach Mike McCarthy addressed the media today Mike McCarthy. It's the media today. He is right on the money. With the press pool right on the money at some of them as bug me for a long many years guys. That. He's right you should listen to the answered the prior question. Yes well Foster. From week in order once the ship to outlaw was seriously I mean we left about some positive mood you know left or you guys because they'll listen answered. Ford. Because I think some members of the press and I'm not name and I couldn't even tell you most of the names that are at that one. In regards to you know Craig Counsell erratic year there are these guys. The gist. Answered the question that you had it so set your mind you we're gonna come hell or high water you gonna asset question. The matter a lot. And I know that new maybe there's some nervousness in the air because you're around your onstage you're Butte docked in front of everybody. That was good I like that. McCarthy. I like that and not only thing he's good coach. I'd love to have a beer and and a piece state what failure. Really what. I'll talk more Packers football up next are green and gold analyst Paul in meg will join us here on the bill Michael's show all blushing. Six clues stations strong though bill might school's sports talk now. Presented by marsh field clinic health system. You bought that. Miller says don't you. Green and gold analyst Paul Emmerich has brought you by the sprinkler sitters local 183. Protecting life and property since 1906 this sprinkler bidders 183. Dot org and you. Yeah. I. And welcome back it is the bill Michael showed Tim Allen in for bill how we look in Wisconsin. Are a couple of things number one we need to give a shout out to our very own Mike Clemens because he is listening to the show as well. He sent me a text I am listening to the show for my bunker office at Lambeau Field if anyone cares in the bunker he has any leaves for Atlanta tomorrow also some good coverage coming from nine mr. Mike. On this thing that really drives me nuts you can follow us on Twitter I met radio Joseph sports he is at Tim Allen rants. You read people Tim use your Twitter account and think. Your the other Tim Allen. I didn't know that wouldn't so there's another account. No no there is no other Tim Allen account for the actor comedian Tim Allen so a lot of people use your Twitter account because they think. That is Tim Allen supporter actor comedian dude like I just saw the sweeter from Kimberly who says at Tim Allen rants I miss last man standing tells it like show he was on honey BC which say cancel. I don't think I look anything like him now on the the other guy noon news they feel little. Lanka but. Mean it's all clear in your Twitter account you're a radio guy in right. Mean you got the blue check mark sold maybe that's why I think that's Tim Allen maybe just. And duke blue rapids is joins me now it's now five times I will just read tweak their tweets and say not the real Tim Allen. OK you do I deal he had as some fog had I don't waste your time that nonsense. Is not a mean that's good yeah that's as good to do that. I'd let's sit DR Snyder orange hot line and welcome men Paul Emmerich are green and gold analyst. Why Paul. I. Know more important now you are. Right. Need deepen brewers baseball seventeen to play two and have backwards doctor backers football with GO. As you discern from coach Mike McCarthy. And talking about how the changes to the Atlanta Falcons is is that night owl thing it's not a last year's. Match up in the championship game it is and now thing your thoughts. Well you know the thing that might try to be often harps on is. Yeah I I don't want to outlaw lap either I had a lot talk about trends in previous years that have been it's been an out and earn between the opportunity. Nobody carry over parts the other at the other. I get that'll happen in that game. Eight months ago and it doesn't there that it doesn't there a lot of resemblance. In the fact that I mean it was Julio Jones again that there Gunter well. An electronic where are we don't know what happened with the completely Darius got Urbina in between similar to holder's statement Atlanta has there's a lot of other things about it but. And it is the common theme guys that. There's not terrible beauty in the mind of a coach in the end I just ban. We often talk about all. You know it's predicted don't want eleven I think etiquette you know you can harp harp and that you to review Eden but that did not believe that most coach's view that certain Utley and I'd card he uses. You know one of the things are really liked about what he said there was that you know we don't we don't get better based on one game match up from last year we get better in three phases just because that's what we'd do we'd just get better at three phases I really like that. Well and they are better team and yet I'd in the yet that's just one game for us to do on the defense side but one game and pocket you've had a better defensive performance and what the Packers did offensively they're a lot to be desired but I you know I've maintained all along and I think Seattle defense. Gonna make a lot opposing offenses looked that way yup the Balkans didn't look all that good against the buried. Note do you take more command there in Chicago's not as bad as what a lot of people a lot or just hated falcons you know the bears played Atlanta pop and to what you really take from it. I think if you were to compare what the Packers were eight months ago what they are now. I'm it would it'd debit fees and write a bit it can't you can you do have a lot of injured players by that time of year bowl teams and in the balcony would have. Seven Trufant for the last few months he's on the better corners in the week but not like it this is just don't want I'd have been attacked for being up. But when you have a healthy team like the Packers do mostly for the most parts or the other than work. At that point in mid January this year. And it it it it's hard to Turks say how much of that value come how much of that what happened in that game matters. How much of what the Packers defense that again even a week ago against the outlook an actor and and like it at about what the falcons did in Chicago or didn't do. When a game a lot of thought would it should be a while out so. The Packard and all prepaid I truly do believe at least on paper so are not just from the health perspective the Packers are a better team. Now that they were able to go on and went into Atlanta and obviously got a pretty good. I would agree with that and of one and one of the things that the Packers may have going forum. Falcons so last checked our our favorite in that game. But one. The one of the things that they may have gone pharmacists the whole Super Bowl debacle that Atlanta hat and and we've talked a little bit about some of these. Points own but to make Paula that is. Often times an NFL team has those moments before their franchise that it takes a long time to recover from. And end up for Green Bay you look back at the Seattle game for the NFC title game and they sped up that for a myriad of reasons but that. And it is really in the in the big picture haven't recovered from that. You look at the Seattle Seahawks themselves says Super Bowl the handed delay answered he would try to pass. And we all know what happened there. And and now you've got the Atlanta Falcons in a similar situation. Is that a big moment in falcons franchise history. That's going to take them awhile to recover based on the Chicago match up looks like damn might be true. Yeah I'd ever be clearly would go into it and not even like two years ago when the when the Carolina Panthers. And there are fifteen and one even got to the Super Bowl he got a lot pretty handily to Denver. I came into the next beat tonight that all I mean why why Carolina have a good team again this year most of the people were backing up to nature and their quarterback group and have a secret Camelot with. You know what they'll lose their their top quarter to Washington but. Largely viewed it Eads says an app like their. Think that you. The Packers in that we've. Got into what that. Already did yeah. I cut out I'm a but I just went through a no you are right. I'm like god. To nick that it acted in a while yeah. They had no good now your are right but I'm just I'm just thinking based on what that's Super Bowl ended up splitting up the 283 lead. Based on what the falcons. Had in terms of you know Shanahan being gone and and what they did against Chicago and I don't care where you play that game falcons bears you can play a game on the moon falcons showed up beaten them fair solemnly. And they didn't do that so I'm just wondering if that then they've still may be recovering might be a good time to play the falcons. Yeah I think we we want to does have a lot of glitches and out I think about Carolina would that I thought it would have been good again laughter there wouldn't be many signs that would point about the B one B. But it did that let it in this here which I think the better team on paper than what they work in the suitable base struggle I would be really surprise silly inhabiting the media coming off the you know Super Bowl hangover even though you know adding 283 turn into a lot which is obviously just a remarkable thing that app app. Any and our ability to. Applied in Atlanta and not a good team now they sure looked like it against Chicago yadda got a wind up to get went in the NFL. But it opened an NFL but I don't think people are the bears. Given that much about a scare on but it's I think it's Atlantic in the sit back and give it its its you know perform work then. Even eleven and five I'd be really surprised. And it and that's the thing a bit like Atlanta can really go two ways from here. When you have what happened to double to them and you make on the wrong side of NFL history I'm not really long that it ought history. A lot of your key player and that being the one and at go to your go to be don't want to decide is this part it was that such a monumental. Shocked that that in the everybody involved but you couldn't recover from it or put it up and held enough to overcome something that would that. In tactful and open that would that historical. And being on the wrong side I think it's out of respect I get that beat the price debating the have a good year. But like you about what the Packers forty years ago what happened at the end there it he can't get game what happened in Carolina is. Second even after having not been in one. A lot could happen in the it's 111 or two pieces chamber when one or two mental paying the debt. He dug up at stake in the wrong direction I just don't know quite see that coming for Atlanta just because they didn't you know destroyed appeared in that that a lot of up. Heck out of meltdown in that type the game man I'd just I'd be shocked if the falcons and outback and that's super ball I would be absolutely stunned. If they lose it. Better in the NFC I mean the Packers and Seattle were probably most people mind too when three beat Dallas said that and re. It depends on what you believe and a second even from that attacked by Scott and the BQ Elliott assuming that you know these these are active roster that's in and yeah it. I I tell look at it as Atlantic Division to lose. And yet it's just one step when the Packers beat the Seahawks at the first step towards. What to those two teams truly is that maybe the biggest contender to Atlanta to take mop the throne. But at Atlanta is that good about it what Pete the that would. Beat demonstrably worse than what they were on that too global but by that it'd be very very very uncommon. I mean the patriots rank and sometimes make it seem like you know what if if your deputy and there'll every year and Patrick RB. They're the exception to rule and so from that perspective it's hard statement. If you don't think Atlantic and get there and we just saw the Packers beat Seattle and made a big wreck in the conference in the entire estimated at that could edit the Packers. Now it's really bode well for the little expedition electric chair. For sure there is no question about that all right how do you think McCarthy utilized. Time Montgomery on Sunday. More than I thought it. I'm in terms of total Cary. Obviously I thought you know it to the naked I thought I'd like we did a good job without protection. And it's encouraging to see that pro football bowl could come out kind of reaffirms what. You know what that what the I tests showed. He'd either be good jumped apt to act is one it is the rushing yards per carry. Under Reid and long term that's not gonna get dot but I think would have the ability to motion a quote unquote running back in time Montgomery. Out to the position that it was strapped to the plate out to wide receiver kodi put a linebacker on whether you like it you can't use app the out the put. A state beat down the amount early yet there's the rushing stats aren't and they edit the owners you know super happy and they're not gonna be a lot of like well look at its allies are Montgomery but I the fact that he withstood that any carrier. What a good sign that it was so good in pass protection is a great sign and I think you can start to see that having him back there Eddie Eddie passed catching rat. A significant packaging rough week in motion and he changed would be at it and preaching defense is. Cater to your other pass catchers and I think that when you start to the other thing to open up in one on one coverage on a Jordan helped in which an almost certain that it would never let belt and be on one on one. Most in month out having that red itchy is the way to beat and as a pet approach. Ride down ride on hard Paul M egg we'll talk again man safe travels or I. All right thank you got the areas a green and gold analyst Paul MA guy on the Schneider orange hotline Schneider they were card you work are the tree affair for eighty plus years living get it done called an 840 proprietor go to Schneider jobs that can't take a break we'll be back here on the bill Michael's show. Everywhere you Wisconsin. Though bill Michael sports talk network. Presented by marsh field clinic health system.