Imig: This Falcons team is stacked

Bill Michaels Sports
Wednesday, September 13th

09/13/17: Green and Gold Analyst Paul Imig gives us his perspective on the upcoming Packers vs Falcons matchup. He also reacts to the release of LaDarius Gunter and Ricky Jean-Francois.


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I'd let's sit DR Snyder or child line and while commend Paul in regard green and gold analyst. Why Paul. There are no more important now you are. Right. Need deepen brewers baseball seventeen to play two and have backwards doctor backers football with you. As you assert from coach Mike McCarthy. And talking about how the changes to the Atlanta Falcons is is that night owl thing it's not a last year's match up in the championship game it is and now thing your thoughts. Well you know the thing that might occur or be often aren't dotted. Yeah I I don't wanna put a lap either I had a lot talk about trends in previous years that have been it's been in and earned it and the opportunity and nobody carry over part. Dugout at the other. I guess that'll happen a bad game. Eight months ago it doesn't there that it doesn't there are a lot of resemblance. In the fact that I mean it was Julio Jones against the period Gunter well. In electronic or are we all know what happened with. The leaflet Darrion Scott urban institute in similar to hold it stayed in Atlanta has there's a lot of other things about it but. It it common these are guys that. There's not terrible beauty in the mind of a coat in the end I just fan we don't talk about all. You know it could get down and on eleven and get you know you can harp harp and that due to be beaten but that did not believe that most coach's view that certain Utley and I'd card he uses. You know one of the things are really liked about what he said there was that you know we don't we don't get better based on one game match up from last year we get better in three phases just because that's what we'd do we'd just get better at three phases I really like that. Well and they are better seen and yet I'd in the yet that's just one game for us to judge the defense on a one game and how could you have at a better defensive performance and what the Packers did offensively there's a lot to be desired but I you know I've maintained all along I think Seattle defense. Gonna make a lot opposing offenses looked that way yup the Balkans didn't look all that good again the Bay Area. Note do you take more from that thing in Chicago's not as bad as what a lot of people bought or just hated falcons you know the bears played Atlanta pop and so what you really take from it. I think if you were to compare what the Packers were eight months ago what they are now. I'm it would benefit debit fees and write a bit it sent to continue to have a lot of injured players by that time of year bowl team and the falcon didn't have. Seven Trufant for the last few months and he won the better quarters in the week but not like it isn't just a one sided thing with a pack for being up. But when you have a healthy people at the Packers do mostly for the most parts or the other than they work. At that point in mid January this year. It it it it's hard to Turks say how much of that value come how much of that what happened in that game matters. How much of what the Packers defense that again even a week ago against Seattle has been accurate and and like it about the but the falcons did in Chicago or didn't do. When a game a lot of thought what are should be a while out so. Packard and all prepaid I truly do believe at least on paper so are not just from the health perspective the Packers are a better team. Now that they were able to go on and went into Atlanta and out he got a pretty good. I would agree with that and of one and one of the things that the Packers may have going forum. Falcons so last checked our our favorite in that game. But one. The one of the things that they may have gone pharmacists the whole Super Bowl debacle that Atlanta hat and and we've talked a little bit about some of these. Points own but to make Paula that has. Often times an NFL team has those moments before their franchise that it takes a long time to recover from. And end up for Green Bay you look back at the Seattle game for the NFC title game and they sped up that for a myriad of reasons but that. And that is really in the in the big picture haven't recovered from that. You look at the Seattle Seahawks themselves says Super Bowl the handed delay answered he would try to pass. And we all know what happened there. And and now you've got the Atlanta Falcons in a similar situation. Is that a big moment in falcons franchise history. That's going to take them a while to recover based on the Chicago match up looks like damn might be true. If we ever any clearly would go into it and not even like two years ago when the when the Carolina Panthers. And there are fifteen and one even got to the Super Bowl and a lot pretty handily to Denver. I came into the next beat tonight that all I mean why why Carolina have a good team again this year most of the and we're backing up the nature and their quarterback group and top secret Camelot with. You know what they'll lose their their top quarter to Washington but. Largely viewed it eats there at that point there. That you. An and Pakistan met with. Gets into what that. Already did yeah. I gotta cut out I'm an artist entered no you are right. I'd like. That it that it acted. Yeah I had no you know your are right but I'm just I'm just thinking based on what that's Super Bowl ended up splitting up the 283 lead. Based on what the falcons. Had in terms of you know Shanahan being gone and and what they did against Chicago and I don't care where you play that game falcons bears you play a game on the moon falcons showed up beaten them fair solemnly. And they didn't do that so I'm just wondering if that that they've still may be recovering might be a good time to play the falcons. Yeah I think we we want to does have a lot of glitches and out I think about Carolina was that I thought they would have been good again laughter there wouldn't be many signs that would point about debate when Pete. But it did that let it seemed that it would I think the better team on paper than what they've worked in the suitable base struggle I would be really surprise silly inhabiting an immediate coming off the you know Super Bowl hangover even though it'll adding 283 turn into a lot which is obviously just the remarkable thing that. At app and an eight game. Our ability to fight in Atlanta not a good team now they sure looked like it against Chicago the other got away and it's up to win in the NFL. Opened an NFL but I don't think people bought the bears. Given that much about a scare on but it I think it's Atlantic team it to act I mean if if it's the team that performed work then. Even eleven and five I'd be really surprised. And it and that's the thing that like Atlanta can really go two ways from here. When you have what happened to the ball to them and you make your on the wrong side of NFL history I'm not really long that it that it ought history. A lot of your key player and that being the one and your head coach and your code. We don't want to decide is this part it was that such a monumental. Shock for the system of everybody involved but you couldn't recover from it or put it up and held enough to overcome something that would that. Intact political and that would that historical. And be on the wrong side I think about it stacked against that it surprised that they can they'll have a good year. But like you about what the Packers forty years ago what happened at the end there it Egypt a game. What happened Carolina's. Second even after having not been in one. A lot could happen in the it's 111 or two pieces Chamberlain one or two mental paying the debt. He dug up and taken the wrong direction I just don't know quite see that coming. For Atlanta just because they didn't you know destroy the air in the past and a lot of up and. Heck out of meltdown in that type the game man I'd just I'd be shocked if the falcons and outback and that's Super Bowl I would be absolutely stunned. If they lose it. Better in the NFC I mean the Packers and Seattle were probably in most people's minds to went three beat Dallas says three. It depends on what you believe and a second even from Gatwick express Scott and. The BQ Elliott assuming that you know these days or be active roster that in and yet it. I I have a look at it as Atlantic Division to lose. And yet it's just one step when the Packers beat the Seahawks at the first step towards. What to those two teams truly is that maybe the biggest contender to Atlanta to take mop the prone. But at Atlanta in that good about it what piece that would. Beat demonstrably worse than what they weren't too little but educated very very very uncommon. I mean the patriots rank and sometimes make it seem like you know a lot. If you're good you can get there almost every year and hatred are the they're the exception to a rule and so from that perspective it's hard statement it would be a big Atlantic and get there and we just saw the Packers beat Seattle. And made a big record at conference and the entire NFC lead at that could edit the Packers now are currently bode well for the little expedition that's. Are here for sure there is no question about that all right how do you think McCarthy utilized. Time Montgomery on Sunday. More than I thought you. I'm in terms of total carry. Obviously I thought you know it's an naked I thought I'd like we did a good job without protection. And it's encouraging to see that pro football book comes out kind of reaffirms what. You know what that what the I tests showed. He even a good job at tech is one it is the rushing yards per carry. Were under great and long term that's not gonna get dot but I think would have the ability to motion a quote on quote running back in Montgomery. Out to the position that you would strap to the plate to wide receiver probably put a linebacker on what it's like if you can't you cap the out the put. A state beat down upon Montgomery yet there's the rushing stats aren't and they edit the owners you know super happy and they're not gonna be a lot of. Like wow look at this allied a Montgomery. But I thought the fact that he withstood that any carrier. Was a good sign that it was still good in pass protection is a great sign and I think you can start to see that having an actor Eddie Eddie passed catching rat. A significant packets and route when he can motion and he changed the defense is and where each is the only defense is. Cater to your other pass catchers and I think that when he start to the other thing to open up in one on one coverage on a Jordan helped in which an almost certain that it would never let elf and beyond one on one but. Most in month out having that red itchy is the way to the band that had to approach it. Ride down ride on are right Paul M egg we'll talk again man safe travels or I. All right thank you got the areas are green and gold analyst fall in meg on the Schneider orange hotline Schneider they were card you work are the tree affair for eighty plus years living get it done called an 840 proprietor go to Schneider jobs that come.