Rose: Don’t apologize for postseason in any sport

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Wednesday, September 13th

09/13/17: Chris Rose of MLB Network’s Intentional Talk drops by. Did the Brewers make a mistake not trading for Sonny Gray? Who his favorite Brewer he’s interview on the show this year?


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We at the Schneider awards hotline and welcome and from MLB network's intentional talk it's Chris Rose Chris sorry man. Are. You well more important how you Lar having been doing the brewers post game for twelve years. In radio for thirty from one broadcasts brother to another man. I'd I love it man you gotta be bank and so massive. Money in this industry archer. Its goal. Is especially cool what's going on here. You know I'm just sit here and while do in the interview watch in the Indian get to a 41 lead lead the bases loaded in the fourth though that doesn't cut back on them but it. And it's fun. On the dead but for you guys you know it's been awhile since you guys have been in. In contention with you know less than three weeks ago so. These guys have been a fun to watch this year. Yes absolutely and and a lot of you know eyebrows raised is the season moved to long and and red granite who cares have been a long time of broadcaster as well as the brewers fan. I don't care if they'd back into the playoffs and in the playoffs are. Wait stop stop stop. If I gonna back into the play out when you have to inept teams that make up. Well no that thing. Nobody but no this a lot of people are saying while the cubs allowed this to happen the cubs should be runaway with a single parents and. And and and it used. It to a 162 games you've been heard and that's all that matters it's. There's a bulletin at Milwaukee and Cleveland are trying to bunt similar planes when it comes to. Exports obviously the Packers were just down the road of adds significantly more success than my football team but we're kind of in the same boat wouldn't let it. You know comes to some of these states. Don't ever apologize to make it a post season in any sport and you know we did years in the NBA were teams have gone 4042 and made the playoffs. The raw rules don't matter you get into the party don't revel at it. Absolutely. And you. What do you think the brewers' year and I again at the some people say rebuild mode or whatever maybe they're ahead of schedule. Maybe behind schedule but man as it's been a nice run thus far. Yeah I would like to have seen them make a play per guy like Saudi Brad would stop that he would have been a perfect fit. These guys not only for this year but for the next few years after that. Well I understand what David Stern's doing here and you know I get that you know he's. But I think we fall in love with prospects so much in this sport and these guys are untouchable. But you know let the Astros just realized that there of activity at the World Series unless they go get a guy like Justin Verlander right. And he's gonna end up starting game one the playoffs and you know they could sit here with all their prospects and their little boat Andy bigger boat race in the in the first round without making a move per barrel like related an agreement said they're stable like a all the prospects who got a really need their cool look at. You know but it was a with the brewers. I don't know they can do it I I hope they can't I wanna see one of these races come down to that final week and I mean how much bomb would beat you guys finished the year in Saint Louis. And it really means that. Pretty cool. Our man to be way cool I mean in talking about a franchise here since 1970. That has made the post season four times in at some point I mean you got to turn the page and expectations being the post season on her on a regular basis topped it. Tough to do easier said than done I'll I understand that but I agree with your lease up. Prospect lists and I think the general manager has his own list of who's touch aboard whose untouchable. Yeah I mean that's the way it goes at their job. Especially guys and their drafted and developed you know in your system you all love them and you wanna be able to prove him right at that we can do this in especially in the market like Milwaukee where. You have to be right more than you are wrong behavior in the Los Angeles or New York or Chicago. Or Boston and you miss out at eight prospect here there. It's not gonna be noticed as much because you could build a crack with with free you know lucrative free agent deal. You can't afford to be as wrong. In cities like Milwaukee and Cleveland in Kansas City so. If I get it I understand that but. You know I don't you think we should be talked about prospects equity ego get two and a half weeks to the. That's right. You know you got a big game against the pirates tonight that hit the road for Miami and Pittsburgh that you got a problem and it's. It's possible I'm excited for you guys I don't know what could happen but I'm excited. Yeah well I am too man on a regular basis it's it's definitely the season has been a gift. For sure and the it's been sort of a weird. World of of baseball this year by the way unintentional talked you've had several brewers on. I know you tried to get Brad Phillips to haunt his laugh out there for you they got the got that Donald little bad yet Eric's old guard armed with his wife and and daughter. Tried to explain to a daughter out in a home run doesn't win a ballgame. Think he had Brent Souter armed and MAB Eric they Russo who is your favor brewer this year. I loved David at the beginning in the year just because we knew so little about him and he was such a good run at that point exe. He had a little bit at the right to vote on and with that the worry you know homer after appearing on the show that there would leave those awful low Lackey in Chicago. And that was possible and by the way we've got later on today. The giants yet so look out. We've heard some good things about them and I think he's I think he's right in our wheel house for what we're look at force some pictures. It's needed today it's it's going to be pretty good. Wide angle shot of all that hair on him. Well you out there were worried about we've toll lied about these this shot right now is the pictures together every. Every piece eleven assists. Hey your co host their camel are not I. You know you can't script that saint Paul saints thing you just you just can't do how Sabato also put it's well that went down. It was awesome so I was at a wedding I was at a cousin's wedding that. And I just opened the man would make contact about blowout little bleak yourself. And I'm out here on the West Coast in LA game and it's like 6 o'clock. And also might bold start blown up right at the wedding is about to start like that held on unlike some wrong with the kids without. I looked and people are tweeting. Paid your portable war where people like I cannot believe it. So we have a long drive home from the way in my wife and I called. And he captured the following Hasbro. I can't believe it. He's like might have been the greatest moment ever highlight. Of my you know when you. When mark says something like that dependable like most of us go get noted that their kids were born. At saying it. You know graduating from however. You know prohibits like. Paul marine and an independent league baseball game if you believe that you know it is the way roll. That's crazy MLB network's Chris Rose here in the bill Michael's show as the brewers get ready to seventeen and games sprint to the finish here in any right Chris said that these these guys set. They do have a shot at it out of they're gonna make it or not but you know what then the reality is they co led. And you're right houk who cares give men or whatever hey I'm your and you're still overrun NFL network to. We are. Unless you know something that I don't know they you know I was there last night he did it. I bought or something now not quite yet not known he's got a hotline now if if they wanted to replace event. That's got to be busy schedule for you guys I juggle all that. Yes September October get a little leery but I love it. It's a ton of fun. You know I'm just I always try to make sure that I don't call it the Arizona Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals or anything like that. That that's kind of the key to this whole thing but it is. It's a lot of Reading it's a lot of watching ball games and especially with baseball because so many of them means something at the start here. Mean I want to cut a baseball you know during the summer months but I'm really to do it with as many games as possible that I'd be here. And it's a black and I mean I'm fortunate that works six days a week during the fall but that that's perfectly fine. I mean at the one of the things I admire about ship is that. And and I know this is probably some trade talks went. I have to say this to you warned that things is that you can go axes and nose and pro sound. Which you can also go goofy and sideways and still maintain some credibility. IE I really think that's a trait that a lot of broadcasters don't have Chris. I appreciate that any you know waited. Us and at the meets. When you wake up and you spend as much time away from your family at around offices and things of that nature as we do in this business. You better enjoy what you do. And there are a lot of people are portraying our business that don't always love what they're doing may complain married game six of the World Series and is wanted to and so they. Season can. Like I don't get that. Like I understand it being away from your family so it's not fun that you read our sacrifices we make to be in this great dessert that were in. But you better enjoy what you do every day and I can really count on my fingers and toes. Over the twenty years and I've been in front of the camera the number of days I haven't wanted to go to worker or on an assignment and accuses because there's other stuff happening in my life. You don't want my kids music. You know things are going great homework we're human beings just like the athletes are out there and we'd bring network with a sometimes but. Being able to I think. It jumped from. You know go hosting a show on the feel that the Super Bowl right after suitable 51 is. Is awesome and then and being able to joke around with our guests. Like mr. hater today he's able to do that I dislike it's fun and show their fertility I think it is important in this industry that don't change. Have little moniker and we play the song after every brewers win on the post game show and that is the beat goes on I don't know the beat goes on switch in the glide as the song by the kings. Many years ago so I have adopted that kind of rally cry the beat goes on. Anyway you could work that into the Josh hater in her view that this just in some some regard just say the beat goes on for the crew were some like that. He says that this is very much like what Dan Patrick does on his radio ships were Lori asks guys slipping. If they go on a late night program so. We will try to slip in the Pete goes aren't the BIO zone. Absolutely I will I will give it a shot. Hopefully over the next few hours I won't forget okay gated in their I don't take it personally now. Now it's not because I don't wanna do it just could not Smart enough to remember it. While that I can say you hate me and that's. Now would I don't know I'm I'm getting out I'm playing the stupid card right now in front of every. So it really had nothing to he would use and everything to do with my lack of brain cells. And so they're from Purdue in the show OK well happy for you would your Indians year because there in the other league and hopefully the brewers and Indians go at it now the World Series here. I I would tell you I would love that in part because obviously would be unions giving against anybody would be fantastic. But I have it and it up in Milwaukee. My aunt flo who's an amazing woman and she's in her early nineties. And she's I mean he's apiece I started at a wedding this summer Meyer are nephew's wedding and did she get around it looks like she's like 75. She's the best. Wells that Wisconsin beards Rankin. It back if I can get out there. And. Have a World Series and see may have slowed the same time. I'd be pretty sleaze. Life as it happened life is good we wanna say hello it and flo she's welcome in the studio any time to be airport to pick up on. And yet on the Chris Rose thanks so this time man good luck. And there as he sat at his set I'll take it because we got it out audio Chris thanks of lines you've got to. Died areas MLB network's. Intentional talking it really is in your baseball fan just it just an entertaining hour of baseball talk and entertainment. That's where you find it MLB network show weekdays at 4 PM yep 4 PM and and only network is airing live games at least five days a week he joins us on the shatter or in chat line. Schneider hiring drivers right now they work hard you work hard they treat you fear for eighty plus years. They've been getting it done called an 844 pride. Or go to Schneider jobs that come.