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Packers Off Season Evaluations
RSS Comments (3) | Posted by Bill on January 23, 2017

USATSI_9416051_168381909_lowresTo think that the brain trust at 1265 Lombardi Ave. won’t evaluate every aspect of their team, their methodology, the philosophy…’re mistaken.  In fact, they might almost over-analyze it.

In that spirit, here are some of my observations:

1.  Ted’s philosophy of “draft and develop” is sound IF you hit on no less than 5 picks per draft.  Have 1 or 2 guys “contribute” and the rest be subpar backups or special teamers won’t cut it.  In addition, if you’re not pulling at least 1 pro bowler, or close to it, per draft, you will slowly, steadily erode away the talent base.

2.  This plays off of #1. When we can ALL witness the erosion of talent, why can’t the brass, namely Ted Thompson? Has arrogance and/or ignorance overcome an otherwise smart man?  The high level of play in Green Bay has been a few key people, namely Aaron Rodgers, and then everyone else tries to fill in.

If indeed Rodgers is your plan to cover all of your warts and inadequacies, then you damn well better wake up and realize that there IS a window and it will be slamming shut quickly… do something about it.

Does that mean dipping into free agency?  You bet your butt it does.  No, you don’t have to go out and break the bank on “names” but what it does mean is that you must take a few more chances on some of the 2nd tier free agents who may be able to help your team.

When Aaron Rodgers said, “We’ve just got to make sure we’re going all-in every year to win”, that was a loud statement directed at Ted Thompson.  Hopefully he will feel the frustration that Rodgers, McCarthy and tens of thousands of Packers fans everywhere are feeling.

3.  The Saturday practices need to be re-evaluated. I can’t remember a time where that many players were ADDED to the injury report on a Saturday. I understand wanting to keep guys sharp and to loosen up their bodies for Sunday, not to mention the fact of your “Red China” information policies regarding the injury report being released at the last possible minute but you’ve been severely banged up 2 years in a row now and it’s clearly not working.

Some injuries; broken ribs, sprained ankles, concussions, ect. are unavoidable and you can’t train for those.  BUT…the hamstrings, the core strength stuff can be prevented.

It’s not rocket science, even though they tend to make it that way, it’s football.  The Packers are the most successful franchise, in W’s and L’s, behind only the Patriots (who are the Gold Standard) so it’s a tweak here and there, it’s not a complete overhaul.

One more thing, and I’ve never called for this before, if Ted refuses to take the necessary steps to make these few adjustments, then it’s time for Murphy and the board to make the decision for him.

I know the rumors run rampant regarding Thompson’s health and until anything is proven and/or made official,, they’re just rumors.  If they are remotely true, for the good of everyone, Ted included, then changes need to come sooner rather than later.  Ted deserves respect and applause for what he’s done for this franchise.  The person running the Green Bay Packers needs to be all in, mentally, physically, emotionally and….almost spiritually.

3 Comments to Packers Off Season Evaluations

  1. by Mike Bub On January 23, 2017 at 11:00 am

    With our QB we need a better set of payers around him. The Packer talent is sub par. On defense look at our players. Who would make the roster of the other 3 teams that played this weekend. Ted’s bad drafts and signing weak undrafted free agents has downgraded the Packer the roster. We need a new GM before the Aaron Rodgers years are over. The coaches did a great job with the talent they were given!!

  2. by Mike Bub On January 23, 2017 at 11:03 am

    The Packer roster is sub par. we need to draft better. Who on our defense especially the line backers and secondary would make the roster of the the other 3 teams playing this weekend. The coaching is not the problem Ted is the problem. The Packer r
    oster is weak!!!

  3. by Fletcher On January 24, 2017 at 1:06 pm


    There is no use in signing mid level free agents when they don’t improve upon players we already have, that’s just shuffling the deck. We have a ton of 2nd tier guys on D. Guion, Clay, Martinez, Ryan, Clark, Perry… Daniels is the only upper tier guy I see out there outside our Safeties and they are borderline at best.

    We need at least 1 Top Tier FA on D this year. We are losing Shields and he needs to be replaced and other than Hyde and Gunter, who was out of position, we have no CB’s at all. We have NO pass rush whatsoever and if we don’t improve the front 7, next year Dallas will be one year better, with a new crop of draft picks to bolster an already impressive team.

    On offense, we are fine without any changes at all. It would be nice to have another RB and G but not nearly as critical as our defense.

    TT sounds to me as if he’s had a mini stroke or something. You have heard him speak over the years in person and would have a better idea on that but irregardless, in ANY business, ANY industry change is inevitable and constant, adaptability is clearly not TT’s strength. I am also wondering if the loss of our best talent evaluators have had more of an impact than thought when it comes to evaluating draft picks. Our record certainly would bear that out I think.

    This off season will be one of the toughest in recent memory. Over the past several years, we have lost a great deal of top level talent to career ending injuries… Sharpe, Finely, Collins and now probably Shields. Not just low level guys, but really hard to replace top level talent guys. This has had a significant downward effect on our talent level over the past decade or so.

    TT won’t give up on Randall and Rollins this early, but next year is make or break for sure. For now, I would move forward under the assumption that they are nickle and dime players at best. My ‘bold’ move for this year would be to make an all out play for Josh Norman. Top Tier Talent who would bring a much needed ‘attitude’ to the secondary. I would then make whatever move necessary to land a lock down CB in the draft. More picks is the last thing this team needs this year. We don’t need more UDFA’s and 8 draft picks to make the team. We need 2 or three starters, better than who we currently have to improve this team. We already have more than enough ‘bodies’ on this team already.

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