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Honoring the Greatest Generation
The Big Unit's Doc talks with Bill about his knee surgery.
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Warriors Clinch History

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USATSI_10070620_168381909_lowresWhen Steph Curry brought the ball up the court, had a crossover dribble to the left, then spun to the right around the Spurs Jonathan Simmons and capped off the highlight move by miraculously hitting a layup, high off the glass, as he fell to the floor….well, it was over and the Spurs looked as if they knew it. While it was only 4 minutes and change into the game, the Warriors had clinched history.  The Warriors are the first team to ever go 12-0 entering the NBA Finals since the league went to it’s current format back in 2003. The Cavs have had a mis-step vs.… Read the rest
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The Big Beard Of Power Is Clean

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USATSI_10031223_168381909_lowresThe Brewers Eric Thames has come back to Major League Baseball in a big way.  He has slugged 11 home runs and we’re still in April my friends.  Now, he’s owned Cincinnati Reds pitching with 8 of those dingers but that’s beside the point.  After slugging in obscurity in the Korean Baseball League, and now his wall banging success in the bigs, rumblings are beginning to surface about the possibility of “enhancements”, whether in Korea or current. Well, here are 3 reasons that you can seemingly rest easy if you’re a Brewers fan.
1.  Thames was tested numerous times in Korea, and not by the KBL but by the same independent agency that tests their Olympic athletes and all of Thames tests came back negative.… Read the rest
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With The 29th Pick In The 2017 Draft

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USATSI_9273082_168381909_lowresTed Thompson’s recent drafts haven’t really produced that special player, at least not yet.  Now, those last 2 draft classes really can’t be judged for another year or two but one thing we can say is that Aaron Rodgers’, Nick Collins’, Clay Matthews’ type talent hasn’t surfaced. The Packers are in desperate need of pass rushers and corners defensively and a running back and a guard offensively. With those thoughts in mind as the 2017 draft approaches, what specific need do the Packers fill with their first pick? I know it’s an unpopular answer for many of you but if I’m Ted, I take the best player available.… Read the rest
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Mommy Serena Will Be Back

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USATSI_9849940_168381909_lowresThe big story of the day, Aaron Hernandez killed himself.  Move on, nothing more to see here. So let’s talk about the positive, the success and the good in life…..or life in general.  At the age of 35, the 23 time major champion, Serena Williams has announced that she’s pregnant.  In addition to the photo of the baby bump, the mom-to-be will not play tennis again this season.  Williams is also engaged to be married. While Williams did announce that she will return in 2018, you have to wonder; with more money that she’ll ever know what to do with, major championships in her back pocket, a new born and the joys of motherhood on the horizon, how much fire to play the game that has given her so much will she have?… Read the rest
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Fixing Everything In The Draft Is Unlikely

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We are 2 weeks away from the 2017 NFL Draft.  The Green Bay Packers will soon be on the clock and the angst of every Packers fan will be running high. Why? USATSI_7904598_168381909_lowresBecause without an upgraded defense, there’s only so much Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense can do in regards to getting Green Bay to another Super Bowl. How much, realistically, can the defense be upgraded through the draft?  A little but not as much as is actually needed. GM Ted Thompson will have to hit on at least 3 defenders, 2 if which have to be pass rushers, and by hit I mean these rookies will have to play at nearly a pro bowl level. … Read the rest