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9th Annual Big Unit Poker Run for Fisher House
The Big Unit's Doc talks with Bill about his knee surgery.
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Is Rose Still The “Hit King”

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USATSI_9339641_168381909_lowresShould Ichiro Suzuki be spoken in the same breath as the Hit King, Pete Rose? Ichiro has surpassed Rose for professional hits (2980 in MLB and 1278 in the Nippon Professional Baseball League in Japan = 4258 vs. Rose’s record of 4256 in MLB). While those in Japan are celebrating Suzuki as their true Hit King, in America, we seem to yawn and say, “When you get to 3000 let us know”. I congratulate Ichiro on his career accomplishments but I also know that calling it “professional baseball” isn’t the same as calling it Major League Baseball. We don’t count minor leaguer’s hits when they get to the “bigs”. … Read the rest
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In 20 Years; NFL?

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The NFL has done it again. Just when you thought that they couldn’t get any sleezier, now we find out that they are trying to use their money to influence the outcome of a research study relating to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). A study that the NFL was originally going to fund blindly until they found out that the study wasn’t going to shine too brightly on the game itself….better known as the “cash cow”. Now I don’t want to get into the bad PR hit that the league and Commissioner Roger Goodell are about to endure but what I do want to ask is this; when the study culminates and we find out even more regarding concussions and brain injuries and the subsequent effects…..then what?… Read the rest
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