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RSS Comments (1) | Posted by Bill on September 8, 2014

Law Enforecement, NFL, Ravens….Jobs Should Be Lost

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By now most of the world has watched Ray Rice spit in his fiancée’s face twice then punch her and knock her out in an Atlantic City Hotel / Casino elevator. 2 things here are of the utmost importance.
  1. If TMZ could get the video, why couldn’t the long arm of the law, the NFL or the Baltimore Ravens?  All claim that they are witnessing this for the first time.
That leads me to believe one of two things, either the investigation from the beginning was so poorly handled that many heads need to roll or they’re lying, in which case even more heads need to roll.… Read the rest
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RSS No Comments | Posted by Bill on September 8, 2014
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The Milwaukee Brewers And Ultimate Acountability

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Ron Roenicke is no Ken Macha or even Ned Yost for that matter.  The players and management genuinely like him.  However, who will be held accountable for the Brewers terrible collapse? “It’s hard to really get on a guy because you don’t want to stifle their enthusiasm or performance”, Roenicke told me only a month and a half ago on my program, “Some guys handle the critique better than others”. So who’s to blame for a team the basically has no accountability for screw ups via base running blunders, the inability to lay down a bunt, lackadaisical throwing errors, an entire team going cold at the plate, not able to hit behind a runner, the unwillingness to work a count when you’re struggling….who?… Read the rest
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Can Bucky’s Andersen Smooth Out The Rough Start

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Don’t let the press conference’s where he “misspoke” or “used the wrong words” fool you, there are problems behind closed doors at Camp Randall. “I’d say a lot of the guys don’t really like him (Gary Andersen) the way everybody thinks they do”, on person close to the Badgers program spoke to me on the condition of anonymity, “That crap with Stave, that got heated and for Joel to get upset it takes a lot”. This is my 16th season of covering football in the state of Wisconsin so you get to know a few people close to the program. … Read the rest