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9th Annual Big Unit Poker Run for Fisher House
The Big Unit's Doc talks with Bill about his knee surgery.
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RSS No Comments | Posted by Bill on August 8, 2016
RSS No Comments | Posted by Bill on August 8, 2016

Why We Love Sports

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Not Hogan nor Palmer nor Nicklaus nor Woods have ever done it; carded a 58. No one has ever done it…until now. Jim Furyk, yesterday, held his ball cap in his hand, smiling and waving joyously to the crowd as he eclipsed history.   As I sat and watched the television, I couldn’t help but think, “I’m witnessing greatness.” While Furyk didn’t win the Travelers Championship, he just shot the best round ever on the PGA Tour and for that he is to be commended. Sometimes in the world of sports, things just come together and, as a fan, it’s great to see it happen.… Read the rest
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Rio Is A #$@% Show; Literally

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Feces in the river water, no mattresses in the athletic village, shower curtains can’t be found, not enough police to protect the athletes much less the citizens, soupy pool water, a brown golf course, rumors of shoddy workmanship in the stadium preparations, the Zika virus….what is supposed to be a video driven post card moment for Rio de Janeiro has turned into the ultimate deterrent from ever visiting that area. Who’s to blame; the IOC. I know this is supposed to be beneficial to countries around the world by exposing exotic places to the wide eyes of foreigners but let’s be honest, the Olympics have become too expensive for smaller countries to afford any longer.… Read the rest
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Understand Lucroy’s Trade Block

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You play the game as a kid with the dreams of playing in the Major’s someday. You play through high school and college for your shot. Then, that shot comes. You’re a major leaguer. You toil through the minors and into the majors. You outplay your rookie contract and work towards that big free agent deal you’ve sought since you fist stepped into a big league stadium. You find yourself as a part of a rebuild and the subject of trade talks because you’re really not a part of the “future” with the only club you’ve ever known. All that you want to do is protect yourself and your family, set yourself up for the rest of your life. … Read the rest
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