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Ice Bucket Challenge

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Yesterday, when I was in the dugout, our guy Brewers Jonathan Lucroy took the ice bucket challenge for ALS.  He then dared the Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to do the same….and he DID! Read the rest
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Did Stewarts Temper Cause A Racers Death

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The tragic has happened, a racer dies on the track.  This particular incident has made national headlines because it involves the hot-headed NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart. For years we have all known that Stewart’s temper, at times, gets the best of him. Some fans love it and others make him out as a spoiled villain, either way, it’s great for the sport right? What happened on Saturday night at a small racetrack in upstate New York now has the eyes of all being cast down upon it. During the featured sprint car race, Kenny Ward Jr. was bumped by Stewart and thus crashed into the wall ending his night. … Read the rest
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Fans; We Are A Fickle Bunch

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You can take PED’s and cheat the game, you can get arrested for DUI’s, vehicular manslaughter, you can be a drug addict, fight dogs and yes even punch your fiancé in the face and knock her out on camera and you will still be cheered. That’s right, Ray Rice took the field in front of the home town Ravens’ fans and he was loudly applauded. Remember though, these are the same fans who applauded Ray Lewis after he pleaded a possible murder charge down to a mere misdemeanor in order to save his own butt and testify against his friends. Now wait a minute, you can’t judge the Ravens fans fully when Brewers fans gave a standing O to Ryan Braun on opening day. … Read the rest
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Matt’s Family Jam At The WI State Fair

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The family passed right by our broadcast location.  Watch the young boy drumming, he’s fantastic! Read the rest