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Honoring the Greatest Generation
The Big Unit's Doc talks with Bill about his knee surgery.
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NCAA Investigation Of UNC; Disgusting

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USATSI_9992421_168381909_lowresThe University of North Carolina is only 9 days away from winning the NCAA tourney.  Some, love the Tar Heels.  Others, let’s just say they’re not Tar Heel fans.  The rest, think the Tar Heels, and their head coach Roy Williams, are cheaters who didn’t deserve to even be in the tourney in the first place. University of Maryland President Wallace Loh said that the UNC’s academic scandal, and the lengthy NCAA investigation, “abysmal” and then stated, “implementation of the death penalty” could be a fitting punishment, according to a published report in the Carolina News & Observer. While North Carolina may eventually be punished for the alleged academic fraud charges revolving around the African and Afro-American “no show classes”, it’s the NCAA that should be absolutely ashamed of itself.… Read the rest
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2017 Has Arrived For The Cubs And Their Fans

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USATSI_10005393_168381909_lowresThe Chicago Cubs have raised their banner and celebrated their world series.  108 years of toil, anonymity, monikers of losing, jokes and strife have now ended. And so a new era begins.  One of defense, being the hunted and hopeful repetition. A dynasty in the making?  Who knows?  Time will tell.  Time will tell, not the flowing obnoxiousness from Cubs fans.  To be a dynasty, you must win and win and win. Last I checked, the Cubs aren’t the “27” Yankees or the “76” Big Red Machine of Cincinnati.  You’re the loveable losers, torn down, rebuilt and you have tasted the sweetest of success.… Read the rest
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Lesson Learned

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USATSI_10004210_168381909_lowresYears ago, I watched Sergio Garcia and saw a smug, cocky, somewhat arrogant young man who seemed to be a whiner because he should have been a major champion numerous times over if it weren’t for a guy by the name of Tiger Woods. Over the years, he’s made snide comments that have gotten him into hot water with the American public golf fan and was never really accepted as one of those competitors you can root for. What I saw yesterday at Agusta was a golfer who has seemingly grown up….he’s become humbled by the chase for a major and appreciative of the greatness it takes to attain that stature.… Read the rest
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Will The Bucks Fall Too Far

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USATSI_9997072_168381909_lowresA week ago the Milwaukee Bucks were firmly entrenched in the 5th seed of the NBA’s Eastern Conference.  Things were looking good, the team was playing well and seemed to be firing on all cylinders. Since then, Malcom Brogden’s back has been acting up and Kris Middleton’s shot can’t be found even on your local milk carton. This lack of productivity has allowed the bucks to drop into a 3 game losing streak with lackluster performances to Dallas, a national cringe to the OKC Thunder and now to the scrappy Pacers. As it stands, Milwaukee is 2 games away from either the 5th seed or not making the postseason at all.… Read the rest
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USATSI_8228564_168381909_lowresI start out by saying to all you wrestling fans, I’m sorry. When I was growing up, 7th…8th…9th…10th grade, I too enjoyed the finer arts and soap opera story lines of the squared circle.  I grew up with Ric Flair, Abdullah The Butcher, Dusty Rhodes, Randy Macho Man Savage, Brutus The Barber Beefcake, Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan and so on.  I used to really get into it. My point being, while I enjoyed it and quoted it and reveled in it, I always knew it wasn’t a “sport” in the sense as we know sports to be. … Read the rest
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