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The Big Unit's Doc talks with Bill about his knee surgery.
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RSS Comments (1) | Posted by Bill on April 12, 2015

This Start Is Awful

Posted in Bill's Blog
At the beginning of spring training a lot of questions were asked.  Most of those questions were answered with the word “HOPE” in the finishing sentence. How good will the Brewers be?  We hope they perform well all season rather than just April thru August. How good will first base be now that they acquired Adam Lind?  We hope the back doesn’t flair up and he can play 135 games and hit at least .265 with 25 home runs. You get the picture. Then the season started and, to this point, hope is nowhere to be found. The Brewers are 1-5, they are averaging just 2 runs a game in those losses and some of the guys you’re depending on most, Braun, Lucroy and Ramirez are all hitting under .215 to this point.… Read the rest
RSS No Comments | Posted by Bill on April 9, 2015
RSS No Comments | Posted by Bill on April 9, 2015

Bucks’ Kidd Is Wrong

Posted in Bill's Blog
For the Milwaukee Bucks Jason Kidd to say that the question about why Giannis didn’t play last night vs. Cleveland, are “stupid”, is arrogant and disrespectful. Giannis is a starter and doesn’t play against one of the best teams in the NBA when you’re venturing towards the post-season….to make that comment is completely off the mark. Bad move Kidd!… Read the rest
RSS No Comments | Posted by Bill on April 8, 2015

Bucks Take Milwaukee To A New Level

Posted in Bill's Blog
I’ve said all along that the Bucks new owners didn’t buy a franchise, they bought / invested in a city.
The new renderings finally were unveiled and boy oh boy, the vision for the future of the Bucks, it’s impressive.
Now let the squabbling begin as how to pay for it all.  Expect a lot of posturing, politicking and grandstanding to begin to take place.
In other words, a lot of hot air but it will eventually get done.… Read the rest
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