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Who’s Really To Blame For Rodgers Bad PR
RSS Comments (3) | Posted by Bill on December 23, 2013

The Green Bay Packers have a PR problem on their hands and they have no one to blame but themselves. 

In their quest to be Bill Belichickesque they have given cart blanche to the conspiracy theorists and driodlike Favre followers to jump to their own conclusions regarding the actual health of Aaron Rodgers.

4-6, 6-8, 8-10 weeks, where does the truth lie?  Why won’t Mike McCarthy tell us just how far along Rodger’s broken collarbone is?  What have the bone scan’s shown?  Who’s actually making the decision to hold Rodgers out?  McCarthy says emphatically, “He looks like he’s ready to play” then calls it an organizational decision not to allow Rodgers to play. 

Again….who’s making the decisions?

This isn’t playing “word games” Mike, these are legitimate questions that some Packers fans feel that they have the right to know.

I do understand the competitive advantage that the Packers are seeking and I applaud the fact that they’re exploiting the injury loophole. 

But, in that same spirit, when you won’t tell people what’s going on, you have to know that human nature will then dictate hypothesis” will become a believed reality. 

Hey Mike, Ted and Mark, if you don’t like the perception, change it but being sarcastic and vague will only enhance the speculatory fire that is already starting to burn out of control.

3 Comments to Who’s Really To Blame For Rodgers Bad PR

  1. by Jeff Orheim On December 24, 2013 at 11:04 am

    Hey Unit–Agree 100% with you on this one. What is the old saying in reporting, something about telling the story first before someone else decides what the truth is? And I know teams in the NFL do this all the time, but if they started getting fined whenever they lied, the NFL’s coffers would look like Scrooge McDuck’s vault of gold coins. Just wish they’d all tell the truth, I guess.

  2. by Joe Sivulka On December 24, 2013 at 11:29 am

    “The Packers have a PR problem on their hands and they have no one to blame but themselves.”

    Does a PR problem exist if you don’t think it exists? And if you don’t think it exists, is it a problem? And if it’s not a problem, then there’s no blame to be had, right?

    And who said they have a PR problem and why do we assume the Packers feel the same way? Is it a problem because you SAY it’s a problem? What if the Packers don’t agree with you? Is it still a problem? Unfortunately, in today’s world, anyone can generate a problem where none existed if they scream loud enough, and you seem to want to be the ringleader. I’m a native Wisconsite now living in the Chicago area and I have yet to hear anyone talk about the Packers and their PR problem. If it does exist, it’s a media-generated ‘issue’ made to drum up viewers/listeners when really,

    It’s football, it’s a game, that’s it.

    “Some Packers fans feel they have the right to know”. Seriously?

    A hooded figure, red eyes gleaming from the darkness within, stands solemnly over a large black caldron, slowly stirring as the steam rises from the surface. As he continues the rhythmic motion, pieces of what once were whole appear briefly at the surface…Rodgers, Ted, Mike, shoulder, …the pot continues to be stirred…

    Do you really think the Packers care what some fans feel they have a right to know? Why should they? The Packers don’t owe us anything, they’re in the business to win and that’s it. They answer our repeated questions because they’re obligated by the NFL but I’m sure would rather have us go away so they could concentrate on what’s important and that is winning.

    It’s football, it’s a game, that’s it.

    McCarthy said emphatically, “He looks like he’s ready to play”…ok, so what? He can look like he’s ready to play but not actually be ready to play, right ? A car can look like it’s ready to drive but under the hood, the transmission is slipping and if it’s driven, could cause more substantial damage. It would be in the owner’s best interest to not drive the car. The Packers own Rodgers so, regardless of how he looks like on the outside, he’s ready when they say he’s ready.

    It’s football, it’s a game, that’s it.

    I realize that you, like all other sports personalities, have a job to do and the number one requirement is to bring in listeners. By stirring the pot, you create controversy where none existed thereby potentially increasing listenership. My biggest fear with all of this is that at some point down the road, Green Bay Packers fans will be no different than Philadelphia, PA where boos are a natural pastime. That thought alone makes me sad, to think my son will only know to boo as opposed to just enjoying, win or lose. I sat through the terrible 80’s and 90’s and enjoyed every minute because I learned early on that it’s football, it’s a game, that’s it.

    Merry Christmas and GO PACK!


  3. by Brian Fermanich On December 28, 2013 at 10:31 am

    The PR department of the Packers has been a joke since the Favre fiasco! They had to hire a pr man from the White House to try to fix things then! They have been treating Packer fans like idiots long enough! Time to FINALLY clean house in the PR department and get some people hired that truly know how to deal with sports fans that are the heart and soul of an organization instead of college degree yuppies that do not understand pro sports in general!

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